‘Only in his hometown and in his own house…’

The days of protest are unfortunately long past. Of course, when I talk of protest, I talk of legitimate protest against real targets. Why, do we ask; why did Duncan’s Fruit & Nut get assimilated by Cadburys? Why was it truly necessary to change Marathon to Snickers?

But of course I jest! We are just a few days away from the anniversary of the only protest which, if recognised and acted upon, would have made a real difference to the way we live, we react and, most importantly, rule ourselves. I am of course talking about the enormously gifted classical scholar, Brigadier, politician and above all else, a patriot of the finest order; and his speech regarding his personal view of the one Act of Parliament which has done more than any other to betray and alter the basic nature of British Democracy as we used to know it!

The politician was of course the Rt. Hon. John Enoch Powell, MBE, and the speech was what was labelled as the ‘Infamous Rivers of Blood’ speech. If you wish, his words can be found here, and believe me, you won’t find any mention of the phrase ‘Rivers of Blood’! You shall find the phrase ‘Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’, which I think you would agree, is subtly different to the previous phrase which of course was the one used by every tabloid and broadsheet newspaper, every opposition politician and of course many of Powell’s own Party in their excoriation of one of the finest political minds this country has ever had the privilege of nurturing.

This man, now disowned by his own Party for telling the exact and literal truth, had established beyond any doubt that, if the extrapolation of the (then) immigration rates was carried forward to it’s logical conclusion, some one tenth of the total population would be of either immigrant or immigrant descent. This has come to pass, but what Powell did not, and of course could not have foreseen that besides the migrant flow from the Commonwealth countries which he was talking about, there would also be the huge influx of migrants from the expanded conglomerate which was christened the European Union. Now the problem is that besides people coming from, say, Poland, who are really just like us, you also ‘have’, I repeat ‘have’ to accept the Roma gypsies from Romania, the Bosnians, Croats, Kosovans and Serbs, who just a few years ago were busy trying to kill one another in some god-forsaken ethnic cleansing exercise fomented by one of half-a-dozen miniature megalomaniacs. We also have given ‘ASYLUM’ to a cross-section of the whole of the Continent of Africa, from the savagery of Darfur to the rolling hills of Malawi, all busily fleeing their dust-bowls, and mostly intent on leeching off the State as best they can. The last accounting does not, of course, include the approximate one million (1,000,000) illegal and totally bogus ‘asylum seekers’ who have slipped, hidden, clung and crawled through our porous Border defences; many of whom are of course working in the black economy to pay off the huge debts owed to the cynical mobsters who trafficked them into the country in the first place.

In 1968 he predicted that by the year 2000, seven million people living in Britain would be of ethnic descent . The Census in 2001 showed 4.6 million people living in the UK were from an ethnic minority, or 7.9% of the population, that Census being notorious for its’ ability to get things wrong, or counted short!

We see and hear the changes in our towns and cities; the changes such as the plethora of mosques, each of course coming with it’s own (usually Saudi-funded and approved) imam and set of loudspeakers for the interminable wailing of their calls to prayer which have besmirched our highways and suburbs. We see the proliferation of the so-called Black Evangelical Churches, which are the outward sign of a communities which is in fact usually in thrall to either a set of Nigerian gangsters or their Jamaican ‘Yardie’ equivalents. We also see the influence of the various stages of the QUANGO which is now called the  Equalities and Human Rights Commission. As taken from their web-site, they promote a ‘fairer, more equal Britain’ but behind the slogans lie a literal welter of law and regulation which deny the right of say, a hotelier to bar people from his establishment because he does not like their sexual orientation or practices! We see the inroads on our very society by the inclusion of the Brussels’ inspired ‘Human rights’ legislation; all of which was possible very good in theory, but perverted in practice so that we literally cannot get rid of undesirables once they get their feet across the threshold of our crowded little country! I doubt if even Enoch Powell could have foreseen the fact that we now shelter nine Afghani hi-jackers who took control of an airplane at the point of guns; who landed and surrendered to officials and were subsequently tried and imprisoned for their deeds; and who now live in Britain. They  had their convictions quashed last summer, and the Immigration Appellate Authority (IAA) ruled that sending the nine back to Afghanistan would breach their human rights, as adjudicators said that the men would be in danger of attack from members of the deposed Taleban regime if they were deported. Oh, and just as an aside, all their families are allowed to stay as well!

The clarion call of all liberals and socialists in this now benighted society of ours is ‘Integration’ and the magic buzz-word so beloved of all the soft-lefties, ‘Multiculturalism’. What they pretend it to mean is that we all can live together in harmony and peace, as long as we ‘bend’ a little in the way we live! In actuality, all the ‘bending’ has and is being done by native British people, as we are forced to watch as our cities are ‘Balkanized’ into Pakistani, Indian, Black, and most often Muslim ghettoes. They mostly do not mix, they do not speak our language, they do not respect our ways of life and of law. They wish to import their own foreign beliefs and practices into a country which was foolish enough to say, ‘We are not strong enough to defend our way of life, so come on down, Sucker Country is open for business!’

When Powell said in reference to an Englishman who was planning to emigrate because of Black immigration was, “What he is saying, thousands and hundreds of thousands are saying and thinking – not throughout Great Britain, perhaps, but in the areas that are already undergoing the total transformation to which there is no parallel in a thousand years of English history.

The other undying shame which I am of course forced to admit is this ruthless rejection of an honest man was achieved under a Conservative Government. Mind you, the leader of that administration was the same Edward Heath who manoeuvred Britain into the Common Market on the lying premise that it was a ‘trading bloc’ instead of a gargantuan Federalist monster, organised by bureaucrats of the member nations for bureaucrats of the member Nations! Margaret Thatcher, for some strange reason further ennobled the grip of Europe on our lives by signing up to the Single European Act, an document which she later was to bitterly regret as she often said she had been ‘misled’ as to it’s purpose! The Labour Party grabbed the handles of power with both hands once they finally got their hands on the British purse-strings, and extended both immigration numbers and classes, including the infamous ‘family members’ component, whereby if one gets in, everyone allied or related to him comes along as well for the free ride! 

So as some of us, patriots all, who remember the ideal of Britain for Britons, who regret the vitriol which was poured so liberally over the head of one of Great Britain’s major minds and of what surely was a giant amongst the pigmies who opposed him; hopefully when a newer and harder breed of Conservatives finally retake the reins of power from the tired bunch in Westminster and Whitehall, we might see the return of sensible and steady controls on the mass immigration which has so badly soiled our once green and pleasant land!


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