Play it again, Alistair

One of the many excellent things achieved during the Thatcher years was the reduction of the 83% penal tax rate down to 60%, and thence to 40%, which, incidentally Labour adhered to when first in Government; adhered to, that is, before they found out where the keys to the safe were kept!

Adding the National Insurance take to the old 83%  brought the total tax hike to an incredible 93% of salary, and was of course one of the many reasons why so many joined the Brain Drain to happier, financially healthier climes!

So the two Grinning Scots, who share three eyes between them, with not one kept on the finances of the country, but instead all three kept on how to keep themselves in power, are starting the steady climb back towards confiscatory tax regimes for those stupid enough not to have hidden most of their earnings away from the evil gaze of the ZaNULabour apparatchiks in the Treasury and in Whitehall.

To quote the Iron Lady from an interview she gave to the Insitute of Directors:- 

Lady Thatcher “In many respects new Labour shows signs of reverting to old Labour with its irresponsible policies of tax and spend. Britain just cannot afford this.”

Like that old ‘protest song’ goes, “when will they ever learn?

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