Not Spam, just OverCooked Ham!

Just a short while ago, I posted on the strange e-mail message from a bloke who claimed he represented ABN Amro Bank and wanted to cut me in on a share of a huge finacial transaction.

Now I’ve got his secretary e-mailing me for presumably the same thing; as reproduced below:-


I am  Phillips Molock, Secretary to Mr. Paul Wolfenden of
ABN AMRO BANK 250 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4AA . My Boss has
a business proposal for you valued at GBP£21,000,000.00
(Twenty-One Million Pounds Sterling) from  my Branch.

You are by this note advice to contact him through his
private email for more information concerning this letter:


As before, I am left wondering how he managed to locate me, and I am equally concerned as to whether I can trust a perfect stranger with my half of what can undoubtably be dsecribed as a whole-lot-of-moolah!

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