Mike’s BritBlogroll #2

Passed by John Redwood’s own blogsite, and found he was discussing the massive problems which this country is facing after twelve years of Labour compiling their own versions of Stalin’s five-year plan, namely the six-and-a-half-minute plan.  That, by the way, is the time of the average sound-bite from the Labour bunkers as they spit defiance at the outside world!

Travelled on towards No Problem, and discovered my favourite canal-roaming couple have returned to the waters after getting their narrow-boat refurbished! Sue sounds fairly content with the workmanship and finishes on their floating home; it really does help when the guy who is doing the work knows what he’s about!

Did a sharp right-hander and landed aboard Paul Staines’ site where he publishes a series of poklitical prat-falls for both sides of the aisle in Guy Fawkes blog. He mentions in passing how M.P.s will be able to ‘Censor’ their own expenses before public release. What he doesn’t mention, but what is generally known to exist is a complete and detailed list of ALL those expenses on a single CD-ROM, which has been floating around searching for a good place to explode upon!

Off the next junction and around the houses brings us to Adam Smith, where the learned folk discuss Swine Flu in conjunction with Hedge Funds and Industrialised Farming; clever combination!

Turned around the corner, and found myself parked next t this nice little site, not a real blog, but with the same devious intentions, which is FakeCharities. Seems like the authors get quetly pissed-off at organisations calling themselves Charities, and then being totally or largely-funded by public or tax-payers cash!

Dropped down into second gear while driving alongside The Ranting Penguin; it’s a site where I sometimes land, but not for too long because he spoils the sentences with repeated obscenities! Shows a lack of education, my son!

A quick side-slip lands us up at the doorstep to the BNP’s Martin Wingfield, but we don’t stop long because he vets his comments section with a really heavy hand; no backsliders allowed on Martin’s site!

Found our transport gliding along beside the UK Libertarian Party’s blogsite. I like their style, but as they will be the first to admit, they’ve got a real long row to hoe!

Accelerate away from Westminster, and a sweeping left-hand brings us to England Expects, where he is chuntering on in a determined fashion about Europe, and the Elections. Don’t know why he bothers, to be perfectly honest! The parliament itself is about as useful as tits on a boarhog, and just about as beautiful as well. Policy is determined by the Commission, the Council of Ministers says what goes, and the Parliament just carries on talking to itself, despite little gems like Dan Hannan’s demolition of Gordon Brown.