Perfection arises!

Charged with Rape!

Charged with multiple accounts of money-laundering and corruption!

Stated that he will not be infected with H.I.V. because he took care to shower after the rape, which of course was normal consensual sex!

Self-Acknowledged terrorist!

So there we go, a perfect candidate and now the elected President of the Republic of South Africa

Bad taste, but not only in mouth!

I hear that there is to be a play about  a trial which parallels the trial of the murdering bastards who slaughtered tiny Jamie Bulger.

Peter Morris said that the Edinburgh Fringe production was intended to counter the “irrationality” that surrounds coverage of the James Bulger killers.

I’d like to place our ‘arty’ friend Morris in close proximity to the distraught father of tiny Jamie, and let the producer explain the ‘irrationality’!