Root & Branch!

As many of my readers may already know, I am retired, after working in various sections of the Engineering World for over fifty-odd years. I have three grown children, and of course, the light of my life is well illuminated by my two wonderful Grandsons.

At my time of life, most are ready to take a back seat, especially in terms of public life, except in the simple case of blog writers such as myself and my many colleagues, who feel pushed to comment on current life, politics and the way we are governed because we see the steady drift towards authoritarian rule if not continually highlighted and opposed!  I have comparatively good health, having come through major surgery, and am attending the gym five days a week in the faint hope I’m gonna get slimmer! I was going to adopt the role of Grandad and side-of-the-park commentator, until I read today’s Telegraph, and truly discovered the extent of the disdain in which we, the Electorate of this United Kingdom of Gresat Britain and Northern Ireland, are held by the so-called Members of Parliament who claim to represent us!

I am therefore going, over the next few weeks, to discover how I would go about starting up a new Political Party, one which truly has the interests of the voters at heart, with no allegiances to Party demands or beliefs. A Party which would campaign on one issue alone as a start, which would be to cleanse the Augean Stables of Westminster, to remove from the headlines such stories as the Tory M.P. who made over £320,000 at the taxpayers’ expense PERFECTLY LEGITIMATELY; or the equally sordid tale of Mr. Clean himself, Keith Vaz, M.P. who claimed £75,000 for a flat twelve miles from his constituency home. Or of  ‘Gorbals Mick’ himself, Mr. Speaker, claiming £1,400 for chaufeur-driven cars whilst in Glasgow, visiting vital contituency places such as Celtic Park, and spending some £3,000 of our money on carpets and painting on his ‘own home’!

The Party would be named the ‘Root and Branch’ Party. One of the founding principles would be that if elected to serve, and if successful enough to form a Government, the Leader of the Party would only serve as Prime Minister or Leader for exactly one year, after which there would be an internal election for a new Leader. Similar elections would be held for all major Ministries. All major government initiatives would be sent out for consultation by the People, and Referenda would be held by Sealed Internet Servers to gain a majority decision on any such questions not previously covered by a manifesto, which would be adhered to by Law, instead of just a vague promise, as with, for example the Labour Party of today.

The only travel expense allowed would be for public transport, and the only waiver would be for First-Class travel by rail, because that’s where the only comfortable seats are found! No cars, no aircraft seats, Nothing! If it is deemed good enough for British people, it is good enough for M.P.’s. If they want to travel by other means, they will only be recompensed the value of the standard rail fare, and with nothing else!

If any M.P. wants a second home whilst at Westminster, a special apartment block will be built to the same standards as that provided for the soldiers of the British Army, and they will reside there, and nowhere else, at least not at public expense!

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