scrub: the act of cleaning a surface by rubbing it with a brush and soap and water

Amongst all the protestations, and professions of innocence, I do not detect an obvious need for a ‘sea-change’ from our political governing class.

From Cameron we get a ‘firm’ message to his disgraced fellow Front-benchers and those who fawn in the back ground that all stolen money should be repaid. Then what? Nothing! No indication that the local Conservative Associations are going to be handed back the power which they once held; which is that of De-Selection! No perception that the anger of the voters needs to be taken into account! Some M.P.’s have already been saying that it’s alright for Cameron, as he is already wealthy, and he does’t need the cash, and they do!

We hear similar murmurings from Brown and the Labour Front bench; in that crooks such as Elliot Morley and Hazel Blears have ‘erred‘, and have made restitution, and Elliot’s really such a nice guy, and he is so penitent, and on and on until the audience dies of boredom!

I quote from Rudyard Kipling’s Mesopotamia when I write:-

Even while they soothe us, while they promise large amends,

Even while they make a show of fear,

Do they call upon their debtors, and take council with their friends,

To confirm and re-establish each career?

The General Election is now just a year away, and I figure the smoke-filled rooms will be awash with frantic clones of Blears, Morley, Hoon, Bradshaw and the other scum from Labour; whilst their opposite slime-filled numbers from the Tory Party, those names including the names of Hogg, Gove, Gummer, Ancram and Davis will be casting glances at the address listings for their local Associations, and wondering how long memories of claims past will in fact last!

How many British Constituencies can claim to have an M.P. seemingly as able and incorrupt as Philip Hollobone, M.P. for Kettering in Northamptonshire? Along with having the lowest amount of expenses out of 646 Members, he also sits upon his local Borough Council, serves as a director of a ‘clean coal company’, (which is perhaps a drawback in his judgement in my eyes) and also does a stint as a Special Constable with the British Transport Police?

If all three major Parties gave their local Constituency Parties and Associations a free hand to decide whether to stick with the incumbent, or to try a new name, that might do the trick, because British people vote for a Party and a Name, nor just a Name. They might turn the tide of anger away by doing something along those lines, because core voters, whether Labout or Tory or Lib-Dem have good memories; and whilst a parliamentary term is perhaps a long time, a year is definitely not!

As in most things, I can only speak and write for myself, but I have never heard so many talking as one, no matter from which side of the aisle they sit and view the world at large! I have never heard before the depths of sheer annoyance and disbelief in the comments regarding our political masters, and I wonder if the Telegraph has unwittingly started a new political force, which is based on British bloody-mindedness, one which is intolerant of cant and hypocrisy, one which is determined to see and institute change, even if that change means we have to build again from scratch?