‘Nary An Airy Eerie Eyrie!

Made the short trip this morning to our local sports centre/gym, where I labour for some thirty-odd minutes, five days a week in the losing battle of trying to keep fit / losing weight.

I don’t really want to do this, it’s just that if I don’t, and my exceedingly forthright daughter finds out, she will verbally batter me once more into submission! So I walked in, handing my card across to be scanned, and stopped short as I read the labelling on a storage box held on a shelf. The label read ‘Stationary’, and of course I first agreed completely, as it wasn’t moving, but then realised that the label was in fact misspelt, the intent was obviously to advise where a certain type of paper was being stored.

Now most, certainly of those who actually spotted and understood this error would just shrug and move on, but I asked the guy behind the counter if he was aware the the spelling on the label was incorrect, and was he was going to change it? His reply to the effect that it wasn’t doing any harm, and that was how the box had arrived, dismayed me!

My view on spelling, certainly in places which are funded by taxpayers money, is that it should always be correct, because we pay large amounts of money to get people to allegedly work in these places, and they should be of a sufficient standard of education so that simple errors in spelling, as well as mistakes in grammar and usage, simply are not tolerated!

On my way home, I passed a pub, and on the side of the pub was the notice, ‘Delivery’s at the back’.       I rest my case!