We’re soldiers of the Queen, me ‘lads!!

anarmyphoto Just thought I’d put some pix up of a few boys and girls who died without knowing that their sacrifice helped prop up one of the most corrupt and crime-ridden so-called governments that have ever sat in power in the history of this sad, sad world.

Registered voters……….80,000 in Helmand Eastern Sector

Actual votes cast………..150

Country where shambles was located………….Afghanistan

Which is ten thousand miles from us!                      Funny old world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cry FOR the Beloved Country

When the Afrikaners hauled up the surrender flag on Apartheid, as a direct result of econnomic sanctions from, amongst others, the holier-than-anyone  America, Britain and the fellow-travellers in Europe, it was forecast that the Millenium had arrived early, that the magic Vote would give everyone happiness, health, prosperity and a country which would thrive under Black ANC rule.

So, after the 1994 elections, and the fifteen years since then, how do things look?

Peace, prosperity, and the good way forward in Black South Africa?

Not really! With an annual murder rate of 25,000, and a Health Service on the point of collapse, riots in Pretoria between the police and the Army, looks like a typical Black-ruled cess-pit, aggravated by a Communist rule which, through a mixture of ideology and stupidity, had brought a First World economy to the point of collapse!

Give these people a Country? I wouldn’t give them the sweat off my socks!