No, not really!


I find myself, as usual, in a very small minority as I write this post.

As the world views with alarm and despair the earthquake in Haiti, and I watch as yet another  ‘expert team’ rescues some individual from a concrete grave, I find myself hoping that the next month goes by very quickly indeed!

Why? because by then we shall not be seeing quite so much of the ‘heroic endeavour’ stories, and a little more of the basic truth behind the catastrophe in that totally-mismanaged country.

Ever wondered why we almost accepted any scandal, any story of the corruption endemic in Haiti? This island nation had become a byword for crime, corruption and despair. Despite almost $3 billion has been pumped into Haiti over the years, and what have the donors seen for their cash? Sweet Fuck All!

Unless and until this bunch set themselves straight, and install themselves a Government which runs things for the benefit of the people, and not for themselves, there should be no further donations; no further help, no further action.

Bury the dead, and then get out!