Global Chill, or Chill-out?

There is an old saying attributed to certain American mobsters, which goes something along the lines of :-

Once is Happenstance; Twice is Coincidence; Three times is Enemy Action!

The same warning signs may well have finally been acknowledged by the Global Warming Community, and supporting nut-jobs.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO)has finally accepted that, after the hacked e-mail scandals from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, the ludicrous assertion, promulgated by a journalist with no story to post, and grabbed and published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that the glaciers of the Himalayas would melt by 2035 and many other scare stories, that mankind was responsible for all the warming should be perhaps looked at again, and ALL the raw data should be open to public scrutiny!

Could this be the start of the great Row-Back debate from a committed position to one of ‘well the Planet is getting warmer, but perhaps we don’t really know why’? Don’t count your chickens yet, after all I have yet to see any politician admit his position is untenable.

Besides, it was in another Country!

I have written before on one of the largest scandals ever to have surfaced regarding abused children in this Nation of ours. It is the story of deceit, lies, abuse, indifference, buggery, slavery, rape, legalised kidnap and the total neglect of a resource so precious it should have resulted in world-wide prosecutions.

I refer of course of course to the chilling legal shipment, to Australia, Canada, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), ; along with various minor Commonwealth destinations of over 150,000 (That is One Hundred and Fifty Thousand children, our own kith and kin, , under the guise of ‘A Better Life’. They were chosen on a basis of either ‘his mother is not married, therefore she doesn’t count, because she is less than civilized’ or ‘his (or her) family have placed him in care because the parents are ill, so he won’t be missed’; or any number of ill-thought out reasons to disguise the real reason. This was simply, ‘The Commonwealth needs new European stock to revitalise their own, as immigration is slowing down; and we have access to large numbers of children so young they won’t understand; so WHY NOT?’.

Those youngsters were treated as slave labour, ill-fed, sexually and physically abused, lied to, and forgotten for over forty years, and it was only after some, now middle-aged Englishmen and Women tried to find out where they came from, and what had happened to their former families that the truth commenced to trickle out from behind the blank wall of official denial.

But all is now saved, all is forgiven, because the British Prime Minister is APOLOGIZING to those extremely reluctant migrants from forty and fifty years ago! No mention of compensation; no words of comfort, or acceptance that things could have been different, the lies should not have been told, the abuse should not have happened. Just Gordon Brown, a proven serial liar, emoting for the cameras once more! I wonder if his eyes will tear up again? I wonder if his voice will tremor with emotion? I am told he’s very good at that!

I found this document, published by The Eros Foundation, and whilst I can understand the reasons behind its compilation, I found it strangely compelling in the statistics alone.

Count the Ways!!

Over the many years since I first commenced reading of the many problems inherent in the human condition, I have lost count of the ways of evil. I have read of tiny children suffering death through neglect, through torture and through simple hatred of their innocence. I have, as have we all, read of man’s inhumanity to their fellow men, in actions based on religious beliefs, through greed and in retaliatory vengeance. I read Lord Russell’s indictment of the Nazis while still a young man, and believed that there could be few events which could match those days for feral, ferocious efficiency!

But even I blinked twice while reading of the actions of a group of alleged human beings who are on trial for the torture, beating, kidnap, murder and dismemberment of their victim. The decapitated body of 26-year-old Michael Gilbert was found in the Blue Lagoon in Arlesey last May.

The torture and murder was carried out while they were robbing Mr. Gilbert of his BENEFIT MONEY.

Six people have been charged on various counts including the charge of Familial Murder, which term was specially created in order to charge than one member of a household to be charged over a death if evidence showed they could have done something to prevent it.

Fair, Or Free For All?

The plan itself was simple, perhaps too simple, but it was Labour’s Deputy P.M. himself, John Prescott who stood behind it; and what fat, sexually-voracious Johnny wanted, Johnny got. The Pathfinder scheme was devised to demolish old, run-down homes, then to build new homes in their place. Simple? Not really. As with all confiscatory policies so beloved of this Stalinist Labour Government, it forgot to factor in two elements; the first being who decides what is suitable for redevelopment, and secondly; the simple bloody-mindedness of the average occupant of these homes.

Elish Debman is 89-years old, served in the Royal Engineers, and has lived in the same house in Derker, Oldham since 1954. He liked his house, as his family had grown up there over the years, and he had spent a great deal of money on its upkeep. He didn’t like the idea of leaving, mainly because he insisted there was nothing wrong with the house he owned. But Oldham Council took out a compulsory purchase order against Elish, because he refused to vacate his little home, and under the Homes and Communities Agency, another QUANGO so beloved of Labour, there is no defence against the bulldozers.

So Elish will have to move, and be rehoused in a property substantially worse than the property he owned, because John Prescott, along with Yvette Cooper, who is now Housing Minister, thought it was a good idea, and a votes winner. Perhaps Gordon Brown would like to drive out to Derker, and explain how his new slogan, ‘A Future Fair for All’ relates to his treatment under a Labour Government.

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Unsafe at any speed!

When Akio Toyoda stepped forward and apologised for the ‘Recall’ notices flooding out to over Eight Million of his company’s cars, he was also signalling the fight back for sales, for prestige, for the very idea of Japanese engineering supremacy in terms of reliability and image. ‘Image’ that vital, unseen, indeed invisible part of the car which ‘sold’ that vehicle in the eyes and minds of millions of consumers. The slogan used to be ‘The Car in Front is a Toyota’. That has altered to read,“Thank the Lord it is both a Toyota, AND in front!”. When an image is tarnished, or commences with such a tarnish, it takes both a long time and a great deal of money, to shine that image back up.

Remember Skoda? Remember the jokes such as ‘Why are Skoda fitted with rear demisters? To keep your hands warm while pushing it’ As well as ‘how do you double the value of a Skoda? Simple, add a mobile phone holder, or fill the tank!’ When Volkswagen bought the decrepit skeleton, it took a massive investment, as well a long time, before Skoda jokes ceased to be funny.

So you would think that this problem has suddenly hit this massive Japanese Company like a thunderbolt from the blue? The Japanese would have you believe that, once alerted, they rushed out the ‘Recall’ notices before the ink was dry; but if you believe that, you will also believe that Mr. Toyoda was being perfectly sincere in his apology!

The problem stems from a design decision based on costs; and costs alone! Most cars today are stuffed full of electronics, and Japanese cars have more than most European or American-designed and –built cars. This is partly because the Japanese have always been fascinated with ‘new technology’ but also because electronic control is cheaper than mechanical equipment. Let me give you a ‘current’ (geddit?) example. A mechanical means of controlling the acceleration of an engine involves a foot-pedal connected to a hinged lever by means of a sleeved steel cable, so that the lever on the fuel inlet manifold or carburettor moves as the foot-pedal is depressed. This method is expensive, primarily because it involves not only making things which need to be screwed and locked together, it involves skill and knowledge in how the lever is set and fixed. This means cash, because fitting the accelerator pedal, cable, lever etc. all needs things to be fixed by human beings, not computerised robots. So if a design department states to the accounts department that they can make things cheaper by using a pedal fitted with a sensor, and that sensor then sends signals to a computer, which sends more signals to, yes, the inlet manifold lever or carburettor; what do you honestly believe that very same accounts department will do? So you now see why Mr. Toyoda had to stand up, bow and proceed to metaphorically slice his insides into salami! It is a great pity that it took a national scandal to get Mr. Toyoda to state that he was really sorry!

But Toyota has been hiding a small secret which only now is commencing to wriggle out from behind the dashboard. It seems as though there have been problems for over seven years with certain other Toyota models, such as the Camry, and while Toyota has known about them for a long time, they haven’t printed any ‘recall’ notices for the owners of Camry. They certainly didn’t apologise to Jean Bookout who couldn’t control her revving car, even after she pulled the emergency brake. It slammed into an embankment beside an Oklahoma interstate, killing her best friend. The police report notes that one of the Camry’s rear tires left a skid mark of 150 feet, apparently as Bookout, then 76, applied the emergency brake. They refused to settle any lawsuit, or compensation to Guadalupe Alberto, who crashed on the way to the family convenience store, as she found herself racing at speeds of as much as 75 mph before she slammed her car into a tree. A witness said she appeared terrified as she flew by.   In court, manufacturers often blame alleged acceleration problems on the driver, attributing the acceleration to “pedal misapplication,” or the driver accidentally hitting the accelerator instead of the brake.

I have been at the wheel of a powerful car when the accelerator jammed full open. I survived, as well as protecting my family; partly because I was trained to drive by my Dad, who himself was a superb instructor, but also because of my engineering background. Most drivers today have very little experience of problems, partly because modern cars are reliable, but also because corners have not been sliced in the sacred cause of ‘saving money’. If you check out the Toyota ‘Recall’ webpages, you will see a superbly-produced video on how to stop if your car refuses to do so normally.

So when you are looking to buy a new or newer car, just remember that the glossiest advert, or the fanciest name, is no substitute for a little integrity, and if the marketing is a little heavy on ‘safe’ rather than ‘ahead of the bunch’, the manufacturers and marketers are maybe doing it for a reason!

The Sky Is Definitely Falling…..

A mainstream American commentator has joined the ranks of the wise men who have for long enough ‘shouted in the wilderness’ about the ongoing huge lie which is AGW.

Wesley Pruden, the respected Editor Emeritus of the Washington Times, makes gentle fun of the sheep and the shepherds who have become so entangled in the ‘science’ and proofs of such ‘science’ in regard to the fact that not only is the Earth getting warmer, but the ‘scientifically-proven’ fact that it’s all down to Man’s endeavour in pushing as much CO2 as can be generated into the atmosphere. He begins by quoting Lincoln’s famous statement about ‘fooling some people’, and this is what I find so unnerving about the Apostles and Disciples of the mantra, which states that the ‘Science is Proven’; when it is actually not proven at all.

Pruden has picked up on the fact that a great many ‘weather stations’ from which has streamed the raw data which has been mulched, anaerobically-digested and then further fertilised by the ‘Climate Scientists’ are all producing data which, to put it rather crudely, is suspect. The weather stations based in China and used in the data-gathering phase seem to have generated a life all of their own, as 40 out of 42 seem to have moved up to five times. As it is generally accepted in the scientific community that if you set a station up to monitor the weather, it should at least be given a chance to record the data from one position, without outside interference or drastic alterations to the environmental area immediately around the station, such as building an airport, or setting the hot exhausts from air-conditioning to blow across the monitored area.

The Editor Emeritus also has ennobled Professor Phil Jones of the East Anglian Climate Research Unit into an Archbishop of the Church of Global Warming, as that seems to have been the philosophy of the global warming brigade, to make it so that if there were any dissenters, they could be treated as looney-tunes who just didn’t believe! It’s a pity that this particular Archbishop seems to have come out of his cathedral without the comfort of established scientific proof, as ‘its all in the piles on the floor of my study’ seems to have been his only reply to considered queries, ‘only’ that is apart from wishing he had committed suicide, that is. If only!!

The cracks are beginning to show in the solid acceptance that the only thing which mankind can do is live a ‘green’ life, and abandon all the nasty comforts of an industrialised lifestyle; because that horrible idea has created too much Carbon Dioxide, but it’s going to be a long slow struggle to get any politician to accept that maybe they were wrong to clasp the AGW idea so firmly, along with the new ‘green taxes’ so beloved of the AGW mob, as we all know that any politician ain’t going to admit that they were all wrong from the start!

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