Norm on Form

As a man, as well as a politician, I like Norman Tebbitt in many ways.

He has earned his living in the real world, by being a pilot in the R.A.F. and with British Overseas Airways.

He is and always has been a conviction politician, and when he makes a statement upon the country’s Immigration policies, I think we should all sit up and take notice, mainly because he is just the latest voice to join the chorus against the long and winding path to the ‘Multi-Culties’ so beloved of those liberal-minded fools who think that they alone know all of this nation’s woes, and the best way to solve them.

Yes, we should kick out the Romanian gypsies, thieving vagabonds that they are, and send them back to the cess-pits they crawled out of just a short time ago. Yes, we should round up all the BOGUS asylum-seekers, and clamp them all on that anthrax-infested Scots island, before transferring the remainder back to the swamps from where they cam! Yes we should stop the Student and Language School scams which have brought in some half-million spongers to the over-crowded land of ours! Yes we should remove the residence permits and passports of the Muslims who refuse to either learn our language or obey our laws. Yes we should kick out the ‘jhihadi’ clowns, the preachers and their followers and send them back to scratch their arses in the Saudi sands they seem to love so much.

Yes, we should immediately end the ‘family’ immigrant policies of the Labour days, and actively ‘encourage’ the return of the Paki’s, the Bangladeshis and the Afghanis to their own little middens, and so clear out some of the middens they have created in this Country which once held the proud title of ‘This Green and Pleasant Land’!

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