He ought to be crying, but with pain!

In my previous post, I named Norman Tebbitt as a ‘conviction politician’. meaning that I consider him to have always stuck the basics of his political choices and beliefs, and never to have wavered from the course those beliefs have charted for him.

Not so with our dearly-unbeloved leader Gordon Brown. Angry with his boss Blair for not sticking with his concordat to allow him leadership for X number of years, followed by his ascent to the golden highlands of Downing Street, and the role as Prime Minister. Useless in the job he was given, which was Chancellor! He inherited a bouncing, healthy economy from the Tories, whose creepy members, having demolished the  only Politician worthy of the name when they stabbed Thatcher in the back, had dissappeared in a welter of recrimination, sleaze and lies from the Government of our nation. One of the many terms which shall be remembered with Brown was the introduction of ‘Stealth taxes’, where the wealth of the nation was quietly filched by a bunch of wannabe’ do-gooders who didn’t have the cash to spread around for their bribes, so they pinched ours instead! Once he became leader, he shuffled the cards in mid-play, forgot what was trumps, and drove us further into debt than this Nation has ever seen before, all in the sacred name of ‘Fairness’

Then this buffoon has the audacity, when he finds he needs our votes, to weep crocodile tears on television when he talks of the death of his daughter. It was sad to hear of the death of a small child, but when Gordon Brown’s Labour party has done so much damage to our national infrastructure in so many ways, is he truly expecting any sympathy from a vengeful electorate?

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