Fresh Lilaced Moorland Fields…

As the Attorney General, Baroness Scotland, has declined to alter the ‘indeterminate’ sentences laid upon the two young savages who had tortured and humiliated two other smaller children, we see an echo of an earlier, more savage and motiveless crime.

As the learned Baroness has stated, “The sentences, handed by a judge at Sheffield Crown Court last month, were not “unduly lenient”. She said: “This case was truly shocking, not least because of the very young age of the offenders who carried out a prolonged and sadistic attack on two young boys. The sentencing judge called it torture and gave them indeterminate detention for public protection with minimum terms of five years.”

“I do want to emphasise an important point made by the judge, which is that five years is the very least these boys will serve. Both of these sentences will prevent the offenders’ release from custody unless and until the parole board decides that the risk that they pose to the public is acceptable.

“Release is by no means automatic.”

I would like you to note and remember those last six words! Remember them as those same little vicious criminals are released exactly some five years after their just and legal conviction. Remember them also as they, along with their feral family, are given TOTAL anonymity, new names, addresses; new lives! Remember that they have been given a blanket ban against any attempt to reveal any fact or indeed rumour of their new ‘lives’ as they would otherwise fear retribution from ‘vigilantes’!

Remember those words, from the liberally-minded Baroness, especially as the anniversary of the crime which hit harder onto the British psyche than just about any other murderous act has just passed by, unnoticed except by a few who remember the smile on that little face, that tiny child who had just reached the same age as both of my tiny grandsons. Remember those words, remember Jamie, and weep for Justice in Britain today!

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