The Sky Is Definitely Falling…..

A mainstream American commentator has joined the ranks of the wise men who have for long enough ‘shouted in the wilderness’ about the ongoing huge lie which is AGW.

Wesley Pruden, the respected Editor Emeritus of the Washington Times, makes gentle fun of the sheep and the shepherds who have become so entangled in the ‘science’ and proofs of such ‘science’ in regard to the fact that not only is the Earth getting warmer, but the ‘scientifically-proven’ fact that it’s all down to Man’s endeavour in pushing as much CO2 as can be generated into the atmosphere. He begins by quoting Lincoln’s famous statement about ‘fooling some people’, and this is what I find so unnerving about the Apostles and Disciples of the mantra, which states that the ‘Science is Proven’; when it is actually not proven at all.

Pruden has picked up on the fact that a great many ‘weather stations’ from which has streamed the raw data which has been mulched, anaerobically-digested and then further fertilised by the ‘Climate Scientists’ are all producing data which, to put it rather crudely, is suspect. The weather stations based in China and used in the data-gathering phase seem to have generated a life all of their own, as 40 out of 42 seem to have moved up to five times. As it is generally accepted in the scientific community that if you set a station up to monitor the weather, it should at least be given a chance to record the data from one position, without outside interference or drastic alterations to the environmental area immediately around the station, such as building an airport, or setting the hot exhausts from air-conditioning to blow across the monitored area.

The Editor Emeritus also has ennobled Professor Phil Jones of the East Anglian Climate Research Unit into an Archbishop of the Church of Global Warming, as that seems to have been the philosophy of the global warming brigade, to make it so that if there were any dissenters, they could be treated as looney-tunes who just didn’t believe! It’s a pity that this particular Archbishop seems to have come out of his cathedral without the comfort of established scientific proof, as ‘its all in the piles on the floor of my study’ seems to have been his only reply to considered queries, ‘only’ that is apart from wishing he had committed suicide, that is. If only!!

The cracks are beginning to show in the solid acceptance that the only thing which mankind can do is live a ‘green’ life, and abandon all the nasty comforts of an industrialised lifestyle; because that horrible idea has created too much Carbon Dioxide, but it’s going to be a long slow struggle to get any politician to accept that maybe they were wrong to clasp the AGW idea so firmly, along with the new ‘green taxes’ so beloved of the AGW mob, as we all know that any politician ain’t going to admit that they were all wrong from the start!

Cross posted from A Tangled Web

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