Fair, Or Free For All?

The plan itself was simple, perhaps too simple, but it was Labour’s Deputy P.M. himself, John Prescott who stood behind it; and what fat, sexually-voracious Johnny wanted, Johnny got. The Pathfinder scheme was devised to demolish old, run-down homes, then to build new homes in their place. Simple? Not really. As with all confiscatory policies so beloved of this Stalinist Labour Government, it forgot to factor in two elements; the first being who decides what is suitable for redevelopment, and secondly; the simple bloody-mindedness of the average occupant of these homes.

Elish Debman is 89-years old, served in the Royal Engineers, and has lived in the same house in Derker, Oldham since 1954. He liked his house, as his family had grown up there over the years, and he had spent a great deal of money on its upkeep. He didn’t like the idea of leaving, mainly because he insisted there was nothing wrong with the house he owned. But Oldham Council took out a compulsory purchase order against Elish, because he refused to vacate his little home, and under the Homes and Communities Agency, another QUANGO so beloved of Labour, there is no defence against the bulldozers.

So Elish will have to move, and be rehoused in a property substantially worse than the property he owned, because John Prescott, along with Yvette Cooper, who is now Housing Minister, thought it was a good idea, and a votes winner. Perhaps Gordon Brown would like to drive out to Derker, and explain how his new slogan, ‘A Future Fair for All’ relates to his treatment under a Labour Government.

Cross posted from A Tangled Web

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