Count the Ways!!

Over the many years since I first commenced reading of the many problems inherent in the human condition, I have lost count of the ways of evil. I have read of tiny children suffering death through neglect, through torture and through simple hatred of their innocence. I have, as have we all, read of man’s inhumanity to their fellow men, in actions based on religious beliefs, through greed and in retaliatory vengeance. I read Lord Russell’s indictment of the Nazis while still a young man, and believed that there could be few events which could match those days for feral, ferocious efficiency!

But even I blinked twice while reading of the actions of a group of alleged human beings who are on trial for the torture, beating, kidnap, murder and dismemberment of their victim. The decapitated body of 26-year-old Michael Gilbert was found in the Blue Lagoon in Arlesey last May.

The torture and murder was carried out while they were robbing Mr. Gilbert of his BENEFIT MONEY.

Six people have been charged on various counts including the charge of Familial Murder, which term was specially created in order to charge than one member of a household to be charged over a death if evidence showed they could have done something to prevent it.

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