Life is indeed a lottery

All my life, I have considered myself to be unlucky. Not, I must confess, in family terms; as I freely acknowledge that I come to my present age with two adult sons and a daughter, and three grandsons, all of whom I am truly proud. In the card-game of life, I have been dealt a hand which has seen sorrow, illness, early death, joy and happiness, and you have to play the cards you gather in your hand.

No, the unlucky element has been the amounts of cash not won, the prizes going to another; that sort of chance. I have won, in true gambling or chance terminologies, very little. I have won a few £10 lottery wins, a pack of cigarettes when eighteen years old, about three pounds odd on slot machines in one session, and that is about it. Not a great deal of ‘luck’ spanning nearly seventy years on this planet. But after listening to the explanations of Trevor Bayliss, he of the ‘clockwork radio’ and many other inventions, I have come to accept that I have been extremely lucky, in both my childhood, my life, my friends and my choice of beliefs.

If I might explain, Mr Bayliss’ interview with the presenter on this morning’s Broadcasting House, in which he revealed that he had been sexually abused by an Anglican curate at the age of five, really told me how lucky I had actually been. He told how he had been attacked by a six-foot man, and had been told that his suffering was a ‘secret rite’ in the Anglican church, and he mustn’t ever speak of it. His actual recording was edited by the interviewer, as most of what he had to state was perhaps too graphic for a Sunday morning audience!

It was then that I realised how lucky I been when young that I hadn’t lived in a Parish which was peopled by voracious perverts, I hadn’t joined any ‘youth groups’ led by paeadophiles, I hadn’t been the victim of family abuse; in other words, I had indeed been ‘very lucky’ in my life.

Its for your own good!

We, as a Nation, should have become accustomed to the weirder and deceitful ways of this present government. I give you a few ‘for instances’

  • As a result of the terror bombing attacks on London, the Labour bunch rushed through various anti-terror legislative Acts. You may not be surprised to hear that the main effect of these laws, apart from having ‘Control Orders’ struck down by the courts, is that any photographer may be arrested if he even thinks about photographing any uniformed clown!
  • Anti-Social Behaviour orders were hailed by this Government as a measured response to youths who terrorised neighbourhoods. Do you think that this particular proposed ASBO was warranted? Or even this one?
  • The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 allows surveillance by just about every local council and national civil servant to be undertaken for the purposes of intercepting and preventing would-be terrorists from harming or killing British people. The wide use of these ‘catch-all’ powers have so far been used by Local Councils to find out how bins are being placed, or parents being placed under video surveillance to establish if they are able to register their children for a particular school.
  • Traffic cameras, allegedly placed for ‘Accident prevention’, are being used to prosecute parking and traffic offences.

I could go on and on, but I hope that you get the picture; laws established for a particular purpose, are broadened and used against law-abiding British people because we are a soft target!

The latest example has been disclosed here, under regulations to be made Law within a few weeks, which will allow ANY letter, parcel or packet sent or received within the borders of this United Kingdom, to be opened without warning or agreement, by either H.M. Customs, or any member of the Royal Mail Postal Service.

Last time I read about that sort of activity was in East Germany, under the steadfast gaze of the STASI!

Kettle, Pots, surface colour?

We are informed that the parents of a child who was sexually abused by a Catholic priest in Londonderry accepted a hand-written apology from the abuser. and did not go to the police because ‘That was the culture at that time’!

This strange and twisted language refers to the refusal of ‘Republican sympathisers’ to deal with the Royal Ulster Constabulary because of the fact that the I.R.A. would treat anybody on their ‘turf’ as a ‘tout’ if they contacted the RUC in any way, shape or form.

It is therefore extremely strange that many stories now emerging from the murky gloom of Sinn Fein/IRA history talk of the strong suspicions regarding the sexual and deviant behaviour of both the father and the brother of Gerry Adams.

From an organisation which prided itself on its ‘high moral standards’ as regards knee-capping for drug dealing, and punishment beatings for what in any other civilized area of the Kingdom would be handled by the police, there seems to be a certain lack of clarity in both the attitude as well as the responses of this highly moral political death machine!

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Alright, Jack?

Jack and Jill went up the hill,

To fetch a bucket of water,

Jill came down with half-a-crown,

But not for carrying water!

The news that Nissan will be building its new Electric Leaf car in the North-East’s Washington plant was signalled as good news for everyone. Good for the car builders, good for the work-starved region, good for Britain, good for Europe, the planet and; for all I know, for the entire Universe.

So, everyone is happy that the first mass-produced fully-Electric car, labelled as the first Carbon-Neutral vehicle, with absolutely no emissions of the dread Carbon Dioxide, the deadly gas which of course threatens us all, will be built near where I live in Durham City. Not everyone of course! There is still a healthy body of sceptical people; sensible, thinking people, who just won’t be persuaded that, by sacrificing all of the benefits of an industrialised world, the human race can avert a man-made crisis. That body, of which I am proud to be counted, is still to be convinced that whatever warming there is, has not been affected one single jot by all the CO2 produced in this world.

To label this vehicle as Carbon-Neutral is of course the first of the Big Lies, similar of course to the foul Propaganda of Goebbels, to be prodded and pushed into the minds of a gullible public. Not of course that they need to prod or push very much, as the average British consumer doesn’t hold out long if the statement is repeated often enough, they take it as gospel. For proof of that particular statement, look no further than the fact that the good electors of Sedgefield took one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair as a ordinary prospective Labour Party M.P., without looking beneath the veneer and discovering a lying, thieving, cheating, unscrupulous criminal just beneath the surface!

In it’s primary emissions, the Leaf may well be Neutral, but where does the electricity come from to charge up it’s hugely expensive batteries? From a mixture of coal, gas and nuclear-powered generating stations of course. Not, as it has been explained by those expensive Government adverts, from the even more hugely expensive and heavily-subsidised batteries of wind turbines which befoul our hills, moorlands and seashores. Not from the turbines? Perhaps it has not been explained, perhaps on purpose, that in order to generate all the power to run our country, there would have to be another 27,000 huge wind turbines just to make a sizeable impact on the power amounts needed. Why so many? Because of course the bloody wind doesn’t blow all the time in the right places.

One question that the Nissan managing director didn’t answer, mainly because it wasn’t asked; is what the cost of the battery would be? Not the car, which, as he did state, would be comparable with other internal-combustion engined cars, but the battery, which would cost another £5,000.00. So how many British consumers know that they are subsidising all the Lithium-Ion battery production in the U.K.?

We all could guess where Jill got the cash from, and Jack knew; but we are never told about the true cost of so-called ‘Green Energy’!

Ask, And You Shall Receive!

The American ‘Shock and Awe’ onslaught on the dictator Hussein’s Nation of Iraq, aided and abetted by British air and ground forces, swiftly completed the removal of this malevolent maniac from power, but the question is asked all the time; what were the war aims? What was the end game?

I would like to dissect and discover the true motives for sending a huge mechanized army, so superior in every way possible to the rag-tag forces which were entirely suitable for repressing a quiescent people, but totally unsuitable against the forces which were ranged against them. As I said, I would like to, but the clouds of ‘secret’ stamps and ‘confidential’ documents, which even if they still existed, would be hidden well away from genuine scrutiny.

We have heard and seen the cover-ups and the white-washes, such as the Hutton Inquiry, and the farce which is the ongoing Chilcott inquiry, but has anyone ever seen a more devastating document than this as a reply to the statements that ‘he was a bad man’ or ‘regime change was needed to bring stability’. Ask Marwa Riyadh if she has a better life in a ‘Democratic Iraq’, and draw speedily back while she answers you with a quiet venom.

One and a half cheers, then!

In Bradford, Shazah Ali stepped down from the open-topped bus which had carried him on his triumphant tour of his home city’s streets. The two mile trip, which of course had been sponsored by Bradford City Council at huge expense, involving a seventeen-car column of supporting staff, family members, and council employees who fancied the afternoon off, and which also involved huge queues of cars, buses and lorries which just wanted to go about their business, had been judged a complete success.

Mr. Ali, as most will of course know, had passed a significant milestone in his life in Britain. His stay in this country had begun as he smuggled himself into Britain in the back of a returning truck on a Eurotunnel freight train along with seventy-five other bogus asylum-seekers. Destroying his forged documents, as he had been advised by a well-funded Charitable Organisation to do so, he then had presented himself to the police, and after an interview lasting a total of seventy-five seconds, had been issued with the necessary documents so he was able to claim the welfare benefits due him. His legal team, also of course legal aid-funded, had successfully argued his case through thirteen tribunal and court hearings, and had convinced the authorities that his case was worthy and truthful, and he had won the right to live in Britain, despite the Security Services statements and well-founded fears that he was in fact a terror sympathiser at least, if not actually an activist! His family, including four veiled wives and thirteen children, who also had come out of hiding and pressed their claims for asylum on the grounds that they really missed him, were also on the bus!

So she isn’t the only one who really deserves an open-topped bus ride, waving to her adoring admirers and supporters!

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This post, picked up and copied across the internet, was actually a work of fiction; it being my interpretation of how Bradford might react!

In the nick of Time!!!!



Many have said it, but now I can join the chorus, the European Union has finally justified the huge expense of setting it all up, and the even larger expense of running it and its many tentacles.

Yes folks, the European Commission has ensured that we no longer have to suffer the benign domination by the evil Microsoft Internet Browser’s of the world’s P.C.’s by ensuring that we can choose something we all have known about since we first clicked a keyboard or a mouse.

Saved in the nick of time!