One and a half cheers, then!

In Bradford, Shazah Ali stepped down from the open-topped bus which had carried him on his triumphant tour of his home city’s streets. The two mile trip, which of course had been sponsored by Bradford City Council at huge expense, involving a seventeen-car column of supporting staff, family members, and council employees who fancied the afternoon off, and which also involved huge queues of cars, buses and lorries which just wanted to go about their business, had been judged a complete success.

Mr. Ali, as most will of course know, had passed a significant milestone in his life in Britain. His stay in this country had begun as he smuggled himself into Britain in the back of a returning truck on a Eurotunnel freight train along with seventy-five other bogus asylum-seekers. Destroying his forged documents, as he had been advised by a well-funded Charitable Organisation to do so, he then had presented himself to the police, and after an interview lasting a total of seventy-five seconds, had been issued with the necessary documents so he was able to claim the welfare benefits due him. His legal team, also of course legal aid-funded, had successfully argued his case through thirteen tribunal and court hearings, and had convinced the authorities that his case was worthy and truthful, and he had won the right to live in Britain, despite the Security Services statements and well-founded fears that he was in fact a terror sympathiser at least, if not actually an activist! His family, including four veiled wives and thirteen children, who also had come out of hiding and pressed their claims for asylum on the grounds that they really missed him, were also on the bus!

So she isn’t the only one who really deserves an open-topped bus ride, waving to her adoring admirers and supporters!

Cross posted from A Tangled Web

This post, picked up and copied across the internet, was actually a work of fiction; it being my interpretation of how Bradford might react!

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