Ask, And You Shall Receive!

The American ‘Shock and Awe’ onslaught on the dictator Hussein’s Nation of Iraq, aided and abetted by British air and ground forces, swiftly completed the removal of this malevolent maniac from power, but the question is asked all the time; what were the war aims? What was the end game?

I would like to dissect and discover the true motives for sending a huge mechanized army, so superior in every way possible to the rag-tag forces which were entirely suitable for repressing a quiescent people, but totally unsuitable against the forces which were ranged against them. As I said, I would like to, but the clouds of ‘secret’ stamps and ‘confidential’ documents, which even if they still existed, would be hidden well away from genuine scrutiny.

We have heard and seen the cover-ups and the white-washes, such as the Hutton Inquiry, and the farce which is the ongoing Chilcott inquiry, but has anyone ever seen a more devastating document than this as a reply to the statements that ‘he was a bad man’ or ‘regime change was needed to bring stability’. Ask Marwa Riyadh if she has a better life in a ‘Democratic Iraq’, and draw speedily back while she answers you with a quiet venom.