Alright, Jack?

Jack and Jill went up the hill,

To fetch a bucket of water,

Jill came down with half-a-crown,

But not for carrying water!

The news that Nissan will be building its new Electric Leaf car in the North-East’s Washington plant was signalled as good news for everyone. Good for the car builders, good for the work-starved region, good for Britain, good for Europe, the planet and; for all I know, for the entire Universe.

So, everyone is happy that the first mass-produced fully-Electric car, labelled as the first Carbon-Neutral vehicle, with absolutely no emissions of the dread Carbon Dioxide, the deadly gas which of course threatens us all, will be built near where I live in Durham City. Not everyone of course! There is still a healthy body of sceptical people; sensible, thinking people, who just won’t be persuaded that, by sacrificing all of the benefits of an industrialised world, the human race can avert a man-made crisis. That body, of which I am proud to be counted, is still to be convinced that whatever warming there is, has not been affected one single jot by all the CO2 produced in this world.

To label this vehicle as Carbon-Neutral is of course the first of the Big Lies, similar of course to the foul Propaganda of Goebbels, to be prodded and pushed into the minds of a gullible public. Not of course that they need to prod or push very much, as the average British consumer doesn’t hold out long if the statement is repeated often enough, they take it as gospel. For proof of that particular statement, look no further than the fact that the good electors of Sedgefield took one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair as a ordinary prospective Labour Party M.P., without looking beneath the veneer and discovering a lying, thieving, cheating, unscrupulous criminal just beneath the surface!

In it’s primary emissions, the Leaf may well be Neutral, but where does the electricity come from to charge up it’s hugely expensive batteries? From a mixture of coal, gas and nuclear-powered generating stations of course. Not, as it has been explained by those expensive Government adverts, from the even more hugely expensive and heavily-subsidised batteries of wind turbines which befoul our hills, moorlands and seashores. Not from the turbines? Perhaps it has not been explained, perhaps on purpose, that in order to generate all the power to run our country, there would have to be another 27,000 huge wind turbines just to make a sizeable impact on the power amounts needed. Why so many? Because of course the bloody wind doesn’t blow all the time in the right places.

One question that the Nissan managing director didn’t answer, mainly because it wasn’t asked; is what the cost of the battery would be? Not the car, which, as he did state, would be comparable with other internal-combustion engined cars, but the battery, which would cost another £5,000.00. So how many British consumers know that they are subsidising all the Lithium-Ion battery production in the U.K.?

We all could guess where Jill got the cash from, and Jack knew; but we are never told about the true cost of so-called ‘Green Energy’!

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