Its for your own good!

We, as a Nation, should have become accustomed to the weirder and deceitful ways of this present government. I give you a few ‘for instances’

  • As a result of the terror bombing attacks on London, the Labour bunch rushed through various anti-terror legislative Acts. You may not be surprised to hear that the main effect of these laws, apart from having ‘Control Orders’ struck down by the courts, is that any photographer may be arrested if he even thinks about photographing any uniformed clown!
  • Anti-Social Behaviour orders were hailed by this Government as a measured response to youths who terrorised neighbourhoods. Do you think that this particular proposed ASBO was warranted? Or even this one?
  • The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 allows surveillance by just about every local council and national civil servant to be undertaken for the purposes of intercepting and preventing would-be terrorists from harming or killing British people. The wide use of these ‘catch-all’ powers have so far been used by Local Councils to find out how bins are being placed, or parents being placed under video surveillance to establish if they are able to register their children for a particular school.
  • Traffic cameras, allegedly placed for ‘Accident prevention’, are being used to prosecute parking and traffic offences.

I could go on and on, but I hope that you get the picture; laws established for a particular purpose, are broadened and used against law-abiding British people because we are a soft target!

The latest example has been disclosed here, under regulations to be made Law within a few weeks, which will allow ANY letter, parcel or packet sent or received within the borders of this United Kingdom, to be opened without warning or agreement, by either H.M. Customs, or any member of the Royal Mail Postal Service.

Last time I read about that sort of activity was in East Germany, under the steadfast gaze of the STASI!