Deja Whatever!

Some time ago, on another blog which I authored, I posted the following:-

Read the Healthcare Commission survey results on cleanliness standards in NHS hospitals, and fastened on the quotation “I wouldn’t want to go to one of these worst hospitals.”
“The bottom line is walking into an organisation and your feet sticking to the floor because it hasn’t been cleaned adequately, smelling the toilets some way before you can see them, urinals encrusted with limescale and urine is really pretty horrible.”

Now if there was a similar situation in the Private sector, from a giant Corporation to a five-man band in a start-up cabin on an Industrial Park, the speed with which the various people would be prosecuted would not amaze anyone, as it should rightly. So why haven’t these findings produced anything apart from a little flurry of small headlines and a comment on the Today programme?

Simple, it’s because no-one can or will accept responsibility in a Committee-run outfit, the N.H.S. will not discipline it’s employees because the bastards would all walk out on strike, and the cleaning contractors all hide behind the wording of their Contract documentation!

The fact that the highest proportion of failing hospitals are in the Mental Health sector should also not surprise anyone, as it isn’t sexy, it doesn’t provide “breakthrough” headlines, and the whole sector is hidden under a dustsheet, because they’re all slightly ashamed of having slightly imperfect patients in their modern, all-singing, all-dancing Nu-Labour N.H.S!

No-one’s going to be fired, no-one’s going to be disciplined, no-one’s going to carry the can; so why did the Halthcare Commission bother?

Now in a so-called hard-hitting report from the Care Quality Commission, the successor to the Healthcare Commission, they state that a dozen of the precious Foundation Trusts should improve, or face ‘Tough Sanctions’. The failings of these bureaucratic playgrounds include the multitude of deaths in the Mid-Stafford Hospitals, the disgusting conditions in Basildon & Thurrock Hospitals which would not meet the standards of a Third World Cess-pit…..the list goes on and on.

But the Sanctions remain, the commission states. The Trusts might be fined (fines of course paid with your cash) suspending certain services or even prosecution. What goes around, comes around!No-one’s going to be fired, no-one’s going to be disciplined; hell if they’re really unlucky, the Chief Executive gets a pay raise!