Publish and be damned!

I read that ‘senior’ BBC journalists and executives are ‘furious’ after a decision by the BBC to fall in line with ‘compliance’ rules by giving time to Parties such as the BNP immediately after the debates by the Prime Ministerial candidates.

Now apart from the fact that the B.N.P. is a legal Political Party, operating within the laws for such entities, despite an attempt by the Equal Hate Commission to have them disqualified from the human race, wouldn’t you think that, if they are so evil, a breath of fresh air amongst their leaders would be of benefit to Democracy. If it can be shown that they are bereft of ideas, so much the better. If the BNP spokesmen are shown as incompetent, or lacking in any one of two dozen areas of political activity, so much the better.

But we are told that ““The idea of having to interview the Ukip leader Nigel Farage – let alone Nick Griffin – is turning people’s stomachs.”. So personal preferences should rule what is or is not broadcast on the BBC airwaves?

Could it be that, instead of the published views and stances, which are those of, ‘These people are beyond the pale, and have no place in civilized society’; ordinary people, who are just as street-smart and up-to-date as any ‘politically-aware’ clown should be given access to alternative viewpoints of how our Nation should be governed.

Perhaps people’s stomachs should be given the chance to ‘turn’ if they are told exactly what the Green Party, or the B.N.P. propose in any area of domestic or international politics! Or are the ‘senior BBC journalists’ just a little bit scared of what might happen if such views are widely distributed?