Aim, fire!`

I read that the Army has placed some new targets on a firing range which have upset the local rag-heads.

Seems like the targets are all shaped like mosques.

As we are all supposed to be saving money in this cash-strapped country of ours, why bother to put the targets up, when we have these to fire at already?

Who’s for more censorship?

In these frenetic days, before the promises are broken once more after the election, I tend to look for the oddball story, the unsung hero, the actions of unelected QUANGO morons as they stifle free speech and comment; that sort of thing.

So why am I posting on a truly shocking clip which is the advert for the Motor Neurone disease Association, when they attempt to bring to a wider audience by showing this information film on what is a truly terrible, incurable disease?

It is simply this; that, as the nice, unassuming victim of this terrible affliction points out in her interview with the Telegraph; you can switch off your t.v., or you can change channels if you are ‘Offended’, but you cannot alter the fact that the MND sufferers will die a truly savage early death? A death from which there is no surcease! So why block access to the television screens, as the Clearcast Clowns are is doing? Why stop the flow of information on the symptoms and outcomes of this affliction? What gives them the right to state that the wider public, who do not have access to the Internet, should not see this short film?

Is it because the producers exaggerate? Is the lady, pinned in her wheelchair at the end of the sequence, lying? Is the disease not terminal in just about all cases so far diagnosed? Is it because the Clearcast people flinch from the truth, or is it simply because they daren’t upset their masters, OfCom, who really do rule the waves?

Why not send an e-mail to, and voice your own objections?

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