Memories, all alone in the moonlight!

When the expenses saga first erupted, few of us realised how much the thieves and clowns in Westminster despised us, looked down upon us and sneered at us.

Because that is what they did when they ‘flipped’ their second homes, and spent thousands on refurbishment, on furniture, on fancy kitchens, and on all the foolishness which became the headlines.

We are just the ‘voting cattle’, the providers of the fuel to help slide them down the road to the plush green seats of Westminster. We are the sheep, and they don’t even consider themselves to be the shepherds, because that is an honourable occupation; they must think of themselves, whether Labour, Tory or Lib-Dem., as the owners of the abattoir that we are all destined to feed.

I would point to just one, as an example; and that is my own ex-MP, Roberta Blackman-Woods. She claims to be queaky clean as regards Expensess! I repeat, Squeaky Clean!

It is indeed strange that, when she was putting herself forward to the City of Durham electors, that she did not explain that she expected us to pay either £300.00 or £400.00 pounds every month for her food. She did not explain, whilst on the campaign trail, that she expected us to pay £9,000.00-odd for Stamp duty and a further £7,500-odd for Mortgage interest and Rent! I would have thought that some £64,000.00 per year was enough, but obviously I am thinking like a sheep, and not one of the wolves.

Am I alone in my distaste and disgust for the whole bunch? Am I alone in my detestation for the whole tribe of thieving losers and cheats? I hope not!