A Slight Breath Of Fresh Air

I once considered running for Parliament, and after the Expenses Saga honestly thought about asking the electors of the City of Durham if they would give me a hearing; but in the end decided not to. This decision was partly made because of my knowledge of the people who would, or would not, vote in any election; of their tribal loyalties even towards an MP and a Party which has literally spat in their collective faces. I also accept that my writing takes a fair slice of my time, as well as certain personal and private family considerations which I am unable and unwilling to slough away.

I have the utmost admiration for those such as David and his TUV Party, who are willing to fight for a cause which they hold dear, to place their collective lives on hold, and run against an entrenched and well-funded bunch who have surrendered any sense of loyalty themselves in order to grab any power on offer!

I received a flyer through the door from an Independent Candidate for parliament in my constituency, and it is at once so novel as to demand a hearing; honest because he admits that he has virtually no chance, and illuminating of the way politics is perceived by those who are forced to watch. The last of the points is the one which I would highlight, as he states in his Election Leaflet the following statement:-

“Please note that this campaign is solely my own and I am not seeking any contributions, financial or otherwise, towards it – nor any awards or honours: I’ll buy some of those when I feel like treating myself.”