Diver rescued!

An article in the Education sector of the Sunday Times caught my eye, dealing as it did with the subject of ‘bullying’. The young man under discussion was a swimmer and diving champion named Tom Daley, and after his return from the Beijing Olympics, he was subjected to an ever-increasing regime of physical threats and mental harassment.  His parents’ solution, after several interviews with Katrina Borowski, the Eggbucklands principal brought no relief, was to remove their talented son from this hell-hole, and sign him up to a private school, Plymouth college. Result, his studies have blossomed to the extent he has achieved 6 GCE’s all starred, as well as becoming world 10-metre platform diving champion.

The Eggbucklands principal was also quoted as stating ‘Tom’s extremely high profile led to a minority of pupils behaving in an immature way towards him!’ This last statement is of course in line with the pathetic ‘anti-bullying’ stance of the crap-ridden clowns who inhabit our Department for Children Schools and Families. If anyone reads even the headings of the web-page, they have even broken it down into neatly-labelled sectors, such as Cyberbullying: Supporting pupils,Homophobic bullying, Racist bullying, Bullying of children with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities, Sexist, sexual and transphobic bullying, and of course ending with the all-encompassing Anti-bullying Charter.

As I have not ventured any further than the headings, as I don’t wish to tread waist-deep in diversity clap-trap, I can only predict what help or guidance is on offer, but I would lay good money on a complete absence of the only known cure for bullies, which is physical punishment! A short sharp beating makes for instant recognition that any further behaviour will ensure a repeat performance, and as it is a well-known fact that all bullies are also cowards, their behaviour will instantly modify!

When my eldest son was in his first year of Secondary Education in South Africa, he was subjected to considerable bullying by a small clique of clowns, but fortunately he told me of his problems. I visited the school the very next day, and informed the Deputy Head that if this problem was not immediately addressed to my satisfaction, I would sue the school, governors and staff, as well as the parents of the young clowns who were targeting my son. His actions were swift and certain, as three of the main culprits were hauled up at the next morning assembly, and each given six of the best with a cane! All bullying of my son ceased immediately, and he blossomed as a pupil at that school for the rest of his time!

Sky falls in, few notice!



I heard a political first this morning on the BBC today Programme, with the famously dripping-wet journalist Evan Davies, who used to be a BBC economics editor, interviewing Nick Griffin of BNP fame, and shock, horror, race wasn’t even mentioned!

Griffin was quizzed on the economics of tariff protection against cheap imports from China, and whilst he made a fair job of replying to Davies’ questions, I was stuck by the very surreality of a really liberally-inclined BBC Journalist asking a BNP Leader about anything else besides immigration, race and the political slant which for so long the BNP has been tarred with.

Has the BBC been told to back off the stridency after the Question time debacle, where a significant vote of sympathy was rendered to the BNP after the avalanche of hysteria and hatred rained down on Nick Griffin’s shoulders? Have the BBC staffers accepted that the BNP have two M.E.P.s, have a significant following in many areas, and therefore deserve treatment like civilised people, instead of a national Polecat?