Insert wedge, then tap base gently!

You should have received a nice, quiet little data bombshell through your letter-box from the NHS.

Its not a spectacular letter, but it is yet another insidious attempt to place more and more of our personal information into a massive searchable database. It’s title is ‘NHS summary Care Record’.

If you don’t want your personal, private medical data to be available for scrutiny by every NHS-employed cleaner or porter, you should visit this website, and download the opt-out letter, and then visit this one, which should prevent your personal, private medical information from being uploaded on to the NHS spine.

Some may state that they have no problems with their data being available to all and sundry, but have you ever asked ‘Why’ these bureaucrats are so keen to discover everything about you? This man had a look at Gordon’s data, and anyone with access can look at yours!

Just take note of this link, which shows how it took the House of Lords to make the Government drop yet another attempt to authorise ‘Information-sharing orders, which would allow any Department to fish around for info from another Department.