Once was lost, but now am found….

Those words, which resound throughout the Western world as part of ‘Amazing Grace’ that glorious hymn to the Human Spirit, also have, these days, a more down-to-earth connotation. The United States Army, together with its sister Services is itself one of the largest employers in the Continental United States, and as such would be expected to behave responsibly when it ‘screws up’. If an employee or as in the Army a soldier, turns up for duty, performs the work or duties as lawfully obliged by his orders, he should get paid. If that same soldier gets killed, in part or wholly due to that same service, the Army should pick up the slack, pick up the tag, and pay his widow both his death benefits and her widows pension.

Unfortunately, the Army is just another Government bureaucracy, but with uniforms instead of gray suits. So when something goes tragically wrong, the pencil pushers of the Army, who are in fact just as bad as the bunch over this side of the Pond when it comes to creative thought, not only react entirely the wrong way, they proceed to rub the widow’s nose in the crap generated almost totally by their own incompetence. Lt. Col. Stephen D. McConnell a long-serving soldier who was decorated in Desert Storm, disappeared from his Virginia home in 2007, sending his wife occassional text messages until the Army contacted his wife in 2009, suggesting he turn himself in. He committed suicide three weeks later.

The Army lost track of a senior soldier, but continued paying him over $400,000.00 until news of his death. They then froze his accounts, refused to pay his widow any death benefits, and in general treated this lady like trailer trash. She has been searching for justice ever since she received news of her husband’s sad demise. Seems like the  Slogan ‘Army Strong’ is meant for only those who do not buckle under the strain!

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