One Cheer, At Least One, For Caroline.

Caroline Lucas is from a species which I normally either ignore, detest or attack on sight or hearing. She epitomises everything about the liberal-left which I, as a freeborn Englishman, have come to dislike intensely. An activist within C.N.D., and prominent against American bases in Great Britain, she has espoused such campaigns as the Centre for Social Europe, Women’s Environmental Network and the Green manifesto for a Zero Carbon Economy, and so on, etc., etc. In other words, she is one accustomed to telling us what we should be doing, burning and eating because she, and of course her Party, knows far better that we do.

But, and it is indeed a big ‘BUT’, she has had the utter gall to do what very few others within the last excuse for a Parliament, and presumably the vast percentage of the new lot, have had either the guts, the temerity, or the plain courage of conviction and bravery to say that which none dared say before. She was talking about Trafigura, their slimy solicitors Carter Ruck, and the super-injunction slapped upon the Guardian which was only breached after bloggers raised the debate above the gutters where Carter-Ruck and Trafigura hoped to have it buried. Even now, there are more legal activities in Dutch courts, but you don’t hear much about those legal cases within British newspapers or television.

So welcome to Parliament, Caroline! You may be small, you might not endear many to either your Party or your causes, but when you speak for freedom, you deserve our congratulations!

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