Bring out your Dead

Remember when it was foretold that all was lost, and thousands would die from a modern-day Plague? We were advised by the ‘Experts’ that the Swine Flu virus would decimate the young, the old, pregnant mothers and ‘the vulnerable’. If you translated the last category into its correct term, which of course is ‘gullible’, you might be on the track to learning why the vast waste of public money. All those adverts and fliers, all that radio and television time bought to spread the word, it was all a big scam. Needless to say, there were only a few statements put about by people such as myself, David and other ATW writer sceptics to fight the avalanche of doom which was foretold by the Court Jesters such as Liam Donaldson whose very position depended on him repeating the words “We are all doomed” several times during any interview.

Professor Fred Hayden wrote the definitive brief on Antivirals, and together with Dr Arnold Monto was the author of the WHO annex dealing with vaccine usage in pandemics, Professor Karl Nicholson, is credited with the WHO’s influential work on Pandemic Influenza. The three scientists who authored the World Health Organisation’s guidance on the possibility of Pandemic were all either paid or closely allied with various huge pharmaceutical companies. No-one bothered to check if there was any possibility of conflicts of interest between the scientists, and the possibility of their work influencing the huge profits made by Roche, Glaxo and others. No ‘conflict of Interest’ statements were filed at the time of the Guidance publication, despite all three scientists having either received money, or further research work, from the Pharmacy giants.

Responding to warnings that 350 people could die every day in Britain, it is understood that 33 million courses of Tamiflu were purchased. Most of those remain unused. At the same time, between 90 million and 120 million doses of the vaccine were stockpiled. (It was initially believed that two jabs would be needed to provide protection something that was subsequently disproved.)

In other words, the amount of Tamiflu doled out and the amount of vaccines administered is dwarfed by the amount that stands unused. As a result, the Government is now desperately trying to renegotiate orders with suppliers, or to sell it cheap to Third World countries, and so recoup some of the money spent.

That means that more than 800,000 of the one million-plus packets of Tamiflu which cost around £15 each were given out needlessly. This practice was made even worse by the recruitment of numbers of untrained jobless students to man call-centres, and give medical advice over the phone to worried callers responding to the stupid Government adverts.

Further, doubt has also been cast onto the effectiveness of the Tamiflu anti-virals in treating the H1N1 virus.

And some wonder why we have that huge Deficit!

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