The camera never lies!

This Telegraph Magazine photo is multi-faceted.

It shows the sacrifice of an ordinary British squaddie as his comrades prepare to send his remains home for burial.

It also shows the blank denial of the British and American Governments to accept that they are fighting the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

It shows that we, as nations led by politicians with their own hidden passages and scenarios, have not learned one lesson from history both recent and past.

Our Service personnel, as well as Americans and those from many other nations, have become embroiled in the affairs of Afghanistan for the one right reason, and many wrong ones. We, under the N.A.T.O.  umbrella, attacked the Taliban-controlled Government after it was determined that they had sheltered the 9/11 terror squads, but forgot that Afghanistan has always been a place where wise men never stayed, because they would be gripped as though by quicksands.

We should get out, as quickly as possible, and the only monument to our disastrous stay should be a massive painting, similar to that pictured below; sited in the Millenium Dome where it would be seen by all the pleasure-seekers, as a reminder that the Dome was only a financial disaster, but Afghanistan has been much, much more!

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