Three Sides Of A Two-Sided Coin

Listening to an interview on the Today Programme this morning with John Ging, the UNWRA director. This interview was preceded by a (fairly) straightforward news item which dealt with the same topic as discussed with Mr. Ging. The item in discussion was the destruction by ‘armed and masked men’ of equipment in a UNWRA ‘summer camp’ which gives children in Gaza access to sports, swimming, theatre and arts.

The BBC report gave a comparatively straightforward view of an event where some twenty men, masked and armed, immobilised the guards and then torched the entire complex. The BBC reporter also stated that while no one had claimed responsibility for this wanton destruction, the fact was that the HAMAS terror group which holds Gaza in its grip must have at least known and given tacit approval for the attack, mainly because nothing happened in Gaza without their knowledge.

Mr. Ging from UNWRA, on the opposing side as it were, also denounced the destruction, but pointedly did not even name HAMAS as the group which runs Gaza, and would consequently have either approved or planned the raid; but instead harped on about the (Israeli) blockade. That blockade which has, in his words, ‘traumatised’ many thousands of children, and placed UNRWA in a position where they had to supply these ‘camps’, run of course by thousands of ‘teachers’ which formed the basis of a holiday from the brutal realities of their lives under the blockade.

No mention about the release from a similar ‘trauma’ for the many thousands of ordinary Israeli kids by the same blockade, as the source for the rocket fuel and explosives has been sliced right back by that same ‘traumatising’ blockade!

No mention either of the fact that, while the HAMAS movement was elected in Gaza, and then murdered all its opposition; thus bringing the hard face of militant Islam home to the fools who believed the garbage spouted by the political wing of HAMAS, their brethren in the West bank are continuing, quietly and slowly, to normalise their lives and relations with Israel. This normalisation process itself was achieved with the Wall, which chopped off access by the suicide bombers who think the same as the terrorists of Hamas.