Kick ‘Im While He’s Down!

Tiger’s wife to get $100 million!

Once more the headline writers strive for the superlative which fits their idea of a huge sum of cash to be handed over to the divorcing wife of a philandering egotistic sports star who has been ‘outed’ in the headlights of the worlds’ news media. Now many of the readers of those headlines are thinking ‘Cor, all that cash, wot’s she done to deserve that?’; but few have wondered why this information is splashed all over the red-tops, as well as most of the staider publications.

Whether it be a marital infidelity battle between a sporting star and his long-suffering wife; or a feud between a high-flying businessman and his wife who has discovered he has been supporting two mistresses and seven illegitimate children over a period of fifteen years, the same question applies. Why the headlines, why the photos of the string of one-night-standees, why the interminable stories of who did what to whom, and all that money, Agatha!

Is it because the target of the artillery gave the impression as ‘noble and pure’ and ‘a loving family man’, and so put himself up as someone who is a natural target for any of a jealous or prurient nature? It is only human nature to attempt to emulate a hero, and when that hero is discovered as having ‘feet of clay’ in any part of his life or lifestyle, the awful truth that he after all just like many others, is perhaps too hard for the hero-worshipper to accept, and so the betrayed revel in his, or her, downfall. But do we need to know how much the wife gets as a reward for her betrayed trust?

When Paul McCartney ditched Heather the stories and gossip columns were full of the scandal, and the jokes about ‘not having a leg to stand upon’ were posted by many, including myself. Part of our interest was piqued by the sight of yet another ‘old fool’ taken for a ride by a grasping femme-fatale, part no doubt by a memory of a great love-match which had been the previous McCartney marriage, and a collective intake of breath when he was snared by one who was said to be stalking him from the moment they met. So when we read that Heather, who was also the subject of lurid headlines about her previous employment, grabbed £24.3 million after trying for £125 million, are we a) relieved that she and her daughter have been provided for, or b) disgusted that the court system has been used by some presumed slag to attack a pop music legend, or c) revel in the knowledge that there is ‘no fool like an old fool’. Then wonder what it would be like to have £24.3 million?

With just about everything that is associated with ‘celebrity’ or ‘celebrities’ these day being almost common knowledge, should we just accept that they have more money than us, and let them get on with it, or should we reserve our ire and disgust for some true thieves, such as Yvette Cooper and hubby Ed Balls. Yup, that’s the pleasant pair of rogues who stole through ‘flipping’ their second home allowances so as to gain a real pecuniary advantage. It might have been ‘within the rules’ but it was still theft! And don’t let any word of ‘disgraced’ M.P.s alter the fact that both Balls and Cooper are still Shadow Cabinet members.