Now You See It; No, Now You See It!

Once the ‘shock and awe’ bit of the American and British onslaught was over, and after the years-long Shia & Sunni uprisings against the hated invader, rather than the Baathist oppressor was also slowing down, the American reconstruction phase began. After all, Bush stated, we knocked it down, we should help build it up again. A noble ideal, but perhaps if the military and civilian contractors who commenced the re-building had been given a fair run, the end result might have been better.

What with a lousy start, sabotage, the odd suicide bomber keeping the workers on their toes, a certain amount of corruption, a less than enthusiastic labour force, and this is what you get.

So the Americans are pulling out of Fallujah, because the American Base is closing down, the Iraqis are left with no sewage works worth talking about. Nationwide, there is a death toll for America now numbering 5521, and the Iraq Parliament still hasn’t agreed on who sits where and does what, never mind running the country!

All told, a very fair deal. For who? The body bag and coffin makers?