Cash, or credit?

As I listened to the M.P. for Bridgewater bleating on about the cuts in school building whilst on the Today Programme this morning, I suddenly realised the vast gulf which exists between ‘us’ as ordinary British subjects of Her Majesty, and those who are ‘voted’ to represent us in Parliament, as well as those who purportedly work in Government.

As with the ‘Expenses’ saga, so with anything which involves real life thinking. The saying ‘They just don’t get it’ summed in total the attitude of the MPs when their pillage and rapacious appetites were thrown wide open by those wonderful Telegraph front page headlines. ‘They’ just did not understand the anger and bitterness which was generated by the news that our representatives had virtually been given a free run at the chocolate factory, and there had been no limits set on their appetites.

So to the flawed release of school building budget cuts which had to be revised, and Ian Liddell-Grainger’s interview on the BBC, which is what I found so incredible. The reason why the amount of money available for the building budget was being cut was because we didn’t have the money, but the genius from Bridgewater was ready with his reply. “We’ll build the schools now, and pay later on than we should” was his economically-judged answer. What this illiterate moron was stating was that Labour and Gordon Brown was correct when they enlarged PFI funding by some 700%. What his reply said was that it was okay, in his view, to put the nation in hock for billions because ‘things have got to get better, later on’ and when the bills come due, we, or rather our grandchildren, will pay. The schools in Bridgewater are so important to the economy that we must abandon the spending cuts, not of course for everybody; just for my Bridgewater constituents, who are really special!

As I said, ‘They really, really, do not get it’!

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