Trust Them? I’d Rather Trust A Croc

The latest idea from the Cleggerons is to send in the clowns when it comes to Benefit Fraud. By the ‘clowns’ I mean give access to all our bank, tax, credit and life data to credit check companies such as Experian. Now, when David posted upon this, he stated that he welcomed the idea in principle, as Benefit fraud is a crime, but I tend to demur from this approach.

What is proposed is that Experian is allowed free access to ALL the information held by Government upon its citizens, and by data mining and cross-checking against known values, such as the amount of benefit received and say, the number and size of holidays abroad, the life-styles of people will be easily checked to see if they are living beyond their assumed means.

Now in this Country, despite all that has been destroyed by successive Governments or handed willy-nilly to Brussels, we still hold the presumption of innocence to be paramount. Remember, in any criminal or most civil trials, the burden of proof must be met by the prosecution. In other words, we can’t put someone on trial because they look guilty, we have to prove they are guilty. It is no good stating Martin McGuiness is a terrorist godfather, the State would have to prove it. We might all know that ‘Machine Gun Martin’ is a killer, unfortunately, this must be proved to the satisfaction of twelve jurors, or, in the special case of our Martin, a single judge, because of the capacity of the IRA killers to sanction a jury.

Similarly, Experian, by the very nature of their business, should not be given access to a myriad of British Citizens data records, and be told, “We think there are many bad apples in the box, we need your expertise to go fishing and expose them!”

When we can read about a family such as these, who milk the system legally, is it any wonder that Government is looking for another stick, any stick, with which to batter our sorely-tried liberties until all our data is owned by the Stasi Government?

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