Believe It When You See It.

We are reprimanded by Jemima. We, the Britons with no thought for anything else but Page Three of the Sun and the Premier League; ‘Yeastenders/Immordale/Corrie  and all the other soaps, are reprimanded. The thinking few are also reprimanded by this blonde who is after our money.

Why is she so p**sed of at we Brits?  Well, it’s because the country where her millionaire politician ex-husband comes from has been hit by floods, thus devastating the infrastructure of Pakistan. We are told by Jemima that we should immediately cough up, because if we don’t, the ‘jihadi’ madrassas will hoover up all the dispossessed kids and transform them into suicide offerings; we will let the strong survive and the weak go to the wall. We should give our money because what has already been given is totally inadequate, that amount being dwarfed by the relief effort for Haiti or the Tsunami disasters.

Tell you what, Jemima, fabulously wealthy daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, I’ll make a bargain with you! You divest yourself of half of your wealth, and get your millionaire ex-husband to do the same, sending all that huge amount of cash to help the starving, and the sick, and the dispossessed in Pakistan. You get your brother Zac to maybe do the same, because he can afford it as well, and then I’ll see about sending what little I can afford to maybe the R.N.L.I., because Charity begins at Home!