Good Holiday, Michelle?

One of the basic differences in the thought-process of politicians and their Parties, those Parties of course being Left, Centre-left, Centre, Centre Wavering, and of course the dreaded Right, is the ‘truth’ to which they espouse. In Britain, as well as in America, all those mentioned above apart from the truly ‘Right’ believe that Government can and does create jobs. They are of course correct, if you allow for the uncomfortable fact that all those ‘new’ jobs created are Government jobs. As is well-illustrated within this post, yes, there were ‘jobs’ created in the 21/2 years since ObamaDay, but only within the ‘Federal’ side of things. Over on this side of the pond, the inexorable rise in the size of the public sector is of course only partly responsible for the ‘black hole’ of debt now carried by this Nation, and the struggle by the unions to repel all attempts at shrinkage will be awesome to behold.

The true result of the ‘Boom’ days can be seen¬†in this article, with ships anchor-chains rusting as they swing at their buoys either in the bay or up the river over here, or more explicitly in this document which exposes the true nature of Obama’s claim to have made progress. The trucks which should be delivering the ‘goods’ lie idle, because Americans are not yet convinced that their Government is on their side, and I for one don’t blame them. Its okay to have a fine, sonorous voice which comes over well on television, but if there isn’t something worth listening to rolling off the ‘teleprompter’, the audience is gonna’ get the message, and deliver its verdict this November!