If That’s All There Is My Friends…

As in this United Kingdom, so in America.

Someone, somewhere must explain to me why politicians, especially politicians, seem to think that the world owes them a favour, a ‘freebie’, a ‘some’pun for nuttin’?

Is it because of the theory that they ‘own’ great power themselves, and if they use that power to reward their friends, their friends will in due course reward them? We all know of the businessmen who have been caught trying to influence politicians, and how stupid they look when called on their crimes. Because it is a crime; it is called bribery, in many forms and names it is true, but it all comes down to the same thing!If you wish to influence legislation, or policy, and you offer any form of merchandise, monetary or otherwise; that my friends, is corrupt activity, first name Bribery.

When Tony Blair accepted a £1 million ‘donation’ to the Labour Party coffers from a Formula One kingpin, he got exactly what he wanted from ‘Straight Guy’ Tony, which was an exemption for tobacco from the strict advertising rules about to be imposed on Formula One racing. The fact that the ‘donation’ was exposed, publicised and in the end returned is besides the point, it was bribery, pure and simple, and both the Formula One boss and Blair should have been hauled over the coals by the CPS. The fact that they didn’t receive anything more than a pile of unwelcome publicity is indicative of only one thing, the ‘great and good’ protect each other’s arseholes.

Over in New York, the vultures are hovering around Governor David Paterson and his ‘acceptance’ of four $425 tickets to watch the opening game at the new Yankee Stadium. Now he pulls down some $178,000 so he isn’t exactly on his uppers, so why would he place his job on the line for the equivalent of one-hundredth of his yearly pay? Is he uneducated? I don’t think so; you don’t get to be Governor without having at least most of the apples in the barrel. Is he mean? Didn’t he want to pay for the top-rank tickets because they were too pricy? Is he just plain stupid? Possibly yes, because he tried to pay with a cheque back-dated and signed by someone else!

The list of venal and criminal politicians goes on, and on. Perhaps we should amend old Boss William’s line and simply‘first, shoot all the politicians’!

We Are All Committed…..

It seems as though the Toyota ‘Quality’ onslaught is gathering speed and momentum. Besides the online adverts, I have also seen lots of half- and full-page adverts in the dead tree press.

I just wonder how many accidents would have been prevented if they had spent just a little more in the past years on quality control on their software and production lines, rather than on really expensive lawyers who fought law-suits from aggrieved families. They also would have saved quite a bit on the advertising budget.

Corporate Toyota! If they had stood up when the problems were first revealed, and said ‘Sorry, we got it wrong, and we promise to do a lot better in the future’ they might have been believed; as it is, all this ‘I’m in charge’ just seems like bullshit spread really wide in the fields!

I do note however that the avalanche of ads seems to be working, but I don’t know if that is a reflection on the buyers mentality, or on the quality of the advertising teams!