Not Such A Slow Boat After All!

I bought a replacement steam iron yesterday. No ‘biggie’, the old one was tired, intermittently faulty, and although I once would have opened the damn thing up and repaired it, my eyes just aren’t what they used to be!

So I trotted along, well, actually walked, but you get the picture; to the nearby Retail Park and into one of the enormous sheds, which sells everything from Irons to Stoves, via Computers and Cameras. But it was so difficult! Not the location within the store; or the choice, from over thirty models on show. The difficulty came when the choice was not according to cost, because I never ‘buy cheap’, I never buy on price alone; because I have always believed you get exactly what you pay for, but from the difficulty in sorting out any make or model which did not bear the dreaded slogan ‘Made in China’.

The erosion of choice is, to my own simple way of thinking, one of the true examples of our Continent’s decline and inability to compete within the global marketplace.

I eventually bought a German-branded steam iron, made in Spain it is true, but at least it is backed by a brand name which I trust, because I happen to know and appreciate their standards of design and manufacture in other areas of expertise.

Many might shrug and ask, ‘Whats his point’? Well, I’ll tell you. This is not, by any means, the first time I, or many others, have warned on the threat of China! If a few more people thought and acted as I, there might be a few more factories within Europe, and even within England, Scotland or Northern Ireland, churning out ‘things’, which are now made so cheaply and industriously within the People’s Republic of China. If more people thought as I, we might not be seeing this port developed so quickly, as opposed to areas of our own country which stagnate and moulder into disrepair and unemployment!