Yes, But….

I know than many regard him as a one-call fraud; I accept that in his present guise as a UKIP MEP he will never get the audience he should have; I again know that he was badly injured in a plane crash the day of the election, and has been warned to take things easy: BUT how I wish he had beaten that rotten fraud Bercow, and was able to take a seat in Her Majesty’s House as an M.P.!

Why, because despite all his many failings, at least he speaks the truth as he sees it, and he has never been scared to raise his voice in protest against the things he considers repulsive and anti-democratic.

Readers , I give you the one, the only, the irrepressible Nigel Farage!

White Noise?

Normally. I place or give no attention whatsoever to the muck-raking of the tabloid press, who is or is not sleeping with whom, whether they are homosexual or not, how much are they earning, how much is the divorce settlement; and on and on, infinitum. Unfortunately, I may be in a minority, as the newspapers sell like hot-cakes, or ice-creams, dependent on the season of course. The so-called Celebrity culture, with the endless photos of young, and sometimes not-so-young women along with their male paramours, all of whom seem to be earning truly obscene amounts of money usually makes me wish for a period of Trappist silence with an ache which is almost real!

Do we really, really need to know, to be blunt, who is sh***ing whom? It is, unfortunately, a fact of this instant news cycle life of ours that the same technology which slides the video of a middle–aged woman throwing a cat into a wheelie bin will also display the strained and tearful face of a young woman who has been betrayed by the idiot she married on some half-million front pages, as well as the website of that same newspaper. The same young woman who has proved herself to be a caring and warm human being as she tries to bring her disabled sister some cheer in an uncaring world.

The only thing that that particular young woman has to be ashamed about is the fact that she dated and married the footballing genius with an IQ in single figures. She just couldn’t see the pile-up coming down the motorway! But the editors place her photo on every page, because they know it will sell, because we are, in the majority, a prurient nation.

But my question is this. Was the fact that that same footballer slept with some vapid-faced whore the subject of a super-injunction? Were those same editors prevented from publishing all the salacious, slimy details by a High Court injunction worded so that the editors could not even mention that the injunction existed?

I am not arguing that our Judicial system is perfect, but I do expect the Law to be observed, in that the only secrets which should be prevented or banned from publication are those which concern National Security! The only secrets which are barred from the newspapers of our nation should not be related to sponsorship of some muscled clown, or his or her marketability!


Before, during, and after the Battle of Britain, vast amounts of badly-needed metals, industrial production, training and men were marshalled into one arm of our military services, one very distant from the fighters of that Battle, but no less vital. It was of course Bomber Command. That Command who took the war to the European skies, to give to the Germans just a taste of what those same Germans were dishing out to British civilians in towns and cities all over our Country.

They attacked industrial, military targets; the bombers flew against the towns and cities of Nazi Germany because we were at war! Total war! As Air Chief Marshal ‘Bomber’ Harris stated, “The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At Rotterdam, London, Warsaw, and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naive theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind!”

The building of a Memorial to those brave souls who flew against the Germans is long overdue. Our fliers were fighting as part of a strategy of the Enemy’s Unconditional Surrender, and if and when asked to stay, hold or cancel that Memorial’s construction and completion, Boris’s reply should consist of two words; and those words should be “**** Off!”

Our Stern Alarums Chang’d To Merry Meetings,

Anything that President Obama asked for, he got; but that was in the times before the American People started seeing that there wasn’t much substance on the teleprompters, and there wasn’t much substance in the man using those plexiglass screens. In the polls prior to the Mid-Terms, the incumbent, together with his Party, are looking decidedly shifty; and when Middle America starts having a good, hard look at what it placed inside their White House those two short years ago, methinks the present inhabitants of both the House and the Senate should start reviewing their pension plans.

When Obama produced yet another ‘Big Spending’ package, worth some $fifty billion, along with yet another ‘Bank’ from which it would be doled out to beaming voters, you could almost see the Democratic supporters cringe away from those who, quite reasonably, were asking, “Where is the money coming from?” His previous give-away of money which did not exist didn’t spur the economy, so how on earth does this ‘Community Organiser’, whose greatest victories in the South Chicago area were  the expansion of a city summer-job program for South Side teenagers and the removal of asbestos from one of the area’s oldest housing projects just ‘know’ that he is right, and everyone else is wrong?

Not many of the Party’s people in either Senate or House are listening; they are all campaigning, and hoping that the voters have been looking the other way. They are not interested in this particular snake-oil salesman, and his quick-fix, and if he thinks the Republicans might smile upon his gimmicks, he’s been snorting even more coke than he did in his student days!