I am pleased, nay, delighted, to be confirmed as ‘Extraordinary’by no less a personage than His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

I do admit to be slightly puzzled to be given this title, but there again I have always known that I am extraordinary! Am I remarkably handsome in feature? Do I stand out from the crowd? Of course I do. I am, and always have been, an individual; separate from all but my family, my nearest and dearest. I am extraordinary in that I have been completely and utterly faithful to the love of my life, my wife of nearly forty-three years of marriage. I am extraordinary in that I am utterly and completely proud of my three adult children and my two wonderful grandsons. I am proud of my achievements in my work, having been responsible for quite a number of Engineering projects brought to a safe conclusion and completion. I have also been extraordinarily lucky in that I have found a certain gift as a writer, with several books written, as well as one published..

I honestly admit not to be as extraordinary as to talk to vegetables, not to know everything about everything, not to know what a woman is thinking at any time of the day or night. I also admit not to be as extraordinary as to utter simplistic diatribes on everything under the sun, based upon an accident of birth, and not on absorbed or gained knowledge. I also admit not being extraordinarily vain enough to marry one woman while keeping a life-long affair with another!

In the end, really, we are all extraordinary, especially if we all do not subscribe to everything which is pushed by that same Prince Charles, who is old enough to really know better!