One Down, Plenty Left.

In another of the truly tiresome and totally unnecessary legal cases which litter this once-green and pleasant land of ours, Mr. Justice Ousely threw out an appeal against removal from the UK of a woman from Zimbabwe. She has been in Britain since 2002, but only claimed asylum some six years later. Her appeal was denied on the grounds that, as she had admitted to being party and part of the criminal gangs who had dispossessed farmers, and had further admitted to beating victims whilst their homes burned, ‘inflicting enough pain to get them to run away’. It makes a pleasant change to report the actions of a High Court judge who has come to a sensible conclusion, based upon fact, and not allowing any of the ‘EU-centred ‘Yooman Rites’ drivel to sway his judgement.

But there is a deeper malaise within this judgment, pleasant though it is. This court case is but one of thousands which have dragged on through courts, tribunals and cases up and down this land, all fuelled by the totally ridiculous attitude of the Labour Party by throwing fuel on the fire by the giving of ‘further effect’ to the European Convention on Human Rights within the Human rights act of 1998. The judges, chairmen and other Labour party apparatchiks grabbed this useless legislation, with the result that we cannot throw scum like this woman out without a lengthy legal process, as we also cannot deport the Afghani terror hijackers because that deportation may interfere with their rights! No-one asked about the rights of the pilot who had a gun pointed at his head.

I don’t care if the scum who hijacked the plane were supposedly fleeing from the Taliban, We should have put them on the same aircraft and sent the criminals back to Kabul! We have enough criminals in Britain already, including some within the Northern Ireland Assembly, to want to keep nine more plus, of course, their innumerable children, wives, concubines and other sexual partners!

The astounding statement that we do not have any idea how many bogus asylum seekers there are has been made long ago, and the feeble attempts by our Border Agency to remove some are catalogued elsewhere, but the problem remains as long as we keep any legal net around either the UN Refugee rubbish, outdated by some fifty years, or the whole farrago of the EU Human rights rubbish. Yes, I am all for Human rights, but not at the expense of either strong border controls or a population which is being slowly excluded from access to justice, because Justice is busy elsewhere!