The question no-one seems to have asked, in this brave new world of Bebo, Facebook etc., is the one I asked myself when I first heard about them.


“Why give up your personal privacy, contact details and everything which is private to you, in order to show the ‘world’ that you have, or can ‘boast about’, ‘X’ number of ‘Friends?

Are you so insecure that you need the electronic obeisance of classmates, office colleagues, random strangers, who are told by your ‘Page’ that you will be ‘shopping’ or ‘drinking’ at certain times of the day or night?

The article about Mark Zuckerberg is more than slightly tinged with a vicious envy; of a kind of “If I were him, how different would it be!”. He is, after all, only being a businessman. He told all the subscribers who handed him all their personal details that he would be marketing them off to others who would use them as advert bait! They knew, or should have known, exactly what he was planning to do with a database which now extends into the billions.

Readers who browse my posts and blog know exactly what I want them to see, and nothing more. Some know where a photo might be found, but it was placed there by myself. No-one knows what my kids look like, no-one knows what my grandsons look like, or where they live. Many people have a very good idea about my political beliefs, but that is because I write about them, in order partly to stimulate debate in this apathetic island nation of ours! Some may know which City I live in, but that is all they know, and not many people can market or sell my likes and dislikes, because I take very good care not to give out such detail. If I place a link, it is because I am advertising something, nothing more, nothing less!

With ‘Facebook Friends’ like that, the question may be asked, who needs enemies?