Hi Suzi; Howya Doin?

The Charity Commission holds the banner of freedom high, at least ‘Freedom’ as it is defined by, The Charity Commission; who else?

The same Commission who threatened a large number of independent schools that unless they toed the line, and walked ‘exactly’ as Dame Suzi leather desires, they will lose their tax-exempt status.

Suzi, for those who aren’t too familiar with her name, title, politics and work ethic, might care to know that she has three children, all who go to private schools, as did the fair Dame, as well as half of the members of the Charity Commission. A card-carrying supporter of the Labour Party, Dame Suzi has also been Chair of School Food Trust, Chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority,  Deputy chair of the UK Food Standards Agency,  Chair of Exeter and District Community NHS Trust, Research officer, Consumers in Europe Group, as well as now being the Chair of the Charity Commission.

So here’s the thing, when did she find the time to give Religious, and hence tax-exempt status, to the Druid Network, and do  they deserve it?

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