There are many acceptable definitions of this word, but the one which caught my eye was “A group of usually two to six male lions that drive off and replace the male lions in a pride in order to mate with the females and protect the resulting offspring”.

In more earthy terms, one group gets together and plans to screw all the other members or residents, after supplanting the original dominating group.

While I wouldn’t class Chris Huhne as an Alpha lion, as he seems to me to be reminiscent of a jackal, his intentions are, during his Telegraph interview, fairly clear. He wishes to shatter the Coalition government from the edges, as does a jackal from the edges of the herd, by separating the weaker members, isolating them and, of course, destroying them. An ultra-typical Liberal Democrat, who occupies a Cabinet position only because Clegg won out against Cameron from a point of view of numbers as against seats obtained during the election, he sits smugly sniping against the decisions made by his Cabinet colleagues without any worry of retaliation, because Clegg is too worried what would be the result within his own Party if he sent Huhne back to where he belongs, which is probably selling sandals to the faithful.

What Dave Cameron should do is to put the hard word on Nick Clegg, to make him pull Huhne back into line. But he won’t, because he is too worried about his own right-wing, with a cheesed-off David Davies slavering in the wings for another chance at the leadership!

I reckon that the Conservatives should kick the snivelling Lib-Dems back out into the wilderness, govern as a Minority, and dare the Libs and the Labs to vote them down. As I wrote, I reckon, but since we live in ‘compromise times’, we’ll probably see the slow watering down of the necessary decisions on the Economy, because the Conservatives are shit-scared of the likes of Huhne reneging on just about all decisions necessary to bring us back to reality!