Yeah, we all agree, but how much?

The photo is one of the iconic images of the last century, when a set of ruthless terrorists contrived to load a bomb on board a Pan-Am jet, and it detonated above the sleepy small town of Lockerbie in 1988.

I will not delve into the murky stories behind the release of the so-called ‘dying’ bomber, save to say that he still seems smiling and alive.

But I would comment upon the new-found friendly relations which seem to be bound together with the release of that murderer. I am of course talking about Libya, its leader Gaddafi, his links and friendship with top figures within the IRA/SinnFein leadership, his love of democracy, at least his idea of democracy which involved evenly spreading body parts all over Northern Ireland, and his present buddy-relations with the British Government.

Here we have a man with a truly psychopathic personality, a dictator whose very word was enough to sanction the deaths of all those people on the ground, and in the air above Lockerbie, but also of an innocent policewoman, shot down on the road in front of the Libyan Embassy building while guarding that same building against protest. After many years of espousing terror, and terror factions throughout Europe, he suddenly ‘sees the light’, allegedly gives up his ‘weapons of mass destruction’, and is welcomed into the community by not other than Tony Blair.

Yes, he has paid ‘compensation’ for some victims; yes, he did surrender two men accused of the bomb plot, yes, he has ceased his funding and supply of terror groups, but is he to be trusted?

When his daughter, during an interview, comes out with the statement: “ Megrahi’s cancer is not the result of divine intervention – although the fact that he has continued to stay alive might just be.  ”We have always viewed him as a detainee, not a prisoner, as there is no evidence that he commited such a crime,” she says, adding that he deserves compensation for being locked up unjustly. “But it is terrible that there are politicians who are demanding to know why he is still alive. They have forgotten that it is an act of God. Nobody dies before his time.” She also claimed that “” Thatcher really spoiled my childhood, and I will never forgive her, no. As for Reagan, that is the route of Allah, he went crazy and got Alzheimer’s. That is his punishment, I think.”; are we then to believe that all the leopard’s spots have been removed, or just a few?