Video Nasty!

Just for a change, I am posting on Debt. Not Credit Card debt, or Mortgage Debt, or even straight-forward Hire-Purchase Debt.

No, I am talking about Real Debt. We have been living beyond our means for too long, and the train is about to run into the buffers; as is demonstrated by this short video from the Taxpayers Alliance. If there were classifications for online videos, this particular effort would have a XXXXXXX classification, because it is so true, and so very scary!

Go and tell it to the marines!

Leafing through the smaller sections of the Sunday Times, and came across an advertising supplement for Abu Dhabi, in the Emirates. Yep, that’s the ones, sun, sea, dust, oil, money, shit, slave labour, get-rich very quick and lose it all at the whim of some rag-head who has just learned to use toilet paper!

Now I accept that it all is a bloody advert, but can you expect anyone seriously to accept at face value the sentences written about the political and media make-up of Abu Dhabi? Does anyone with an I.Q. above single figures read the words. “The Ruling Family are chairman, C.E.O and chief operating officer of Abu Dhabi Inc……the board of loyal subordinates who implement policy without approval from elected body. There are no political parties. The press is owned by the ruling elite, and are uncritical of it”, without going back in time to the days of, well, not Stalin, but maybe the Austro-Hungarian empire?

Can’t provide any links, as the Times keeps most things locked behind a firewall, but I will attempt to describe one advert.

It depicts a three-storey office in the late evening.

The lowest office window is illuminated, showing one male worker looking upwards over his shoulder at his compatriots on the first floor. The two occupants in that office are depicted also gazing upwards, presumably in dumb awe, amazement or reflected glory at the office on the second floor; because that is where all the action is!

We see a female wearing a ‘hijab’ or headscarf standing behind a second woman. But this woman is unveiled, ‘how forward-thinking and noble these people are’, the picture seems to be asking? In front of the second woman are two men, one bowing forwards while shaking the hand of; who else but the robed Arab who is the benign ruler of all he surveys.

All hail to ADCB wealth management!

Big Phuqing Deal!